Tuesday, September 17, 2019

A Wedding, The Fair, and a New Bike

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yeah, I thought once I graduated from my Masters program I'd have more time to blog! NOT. This teaching thing is kicking my butt. But I'll give it a quick try.

Maren and Carol went to an old friend's wedding in Sturgeon Bay in Wisconsin! They had a great time catching up with old friends who really are like family.
Maren got to drive the rental car all over the place. The weather looks great, well better than the rain we've had.
This is the wedding party? I don't have many pictures, but I know they are out there, I've seen them on other's phones! It was a nice wedding and Maren and Carol were very happy to be there! Congratulations Jessica and Troy!

How about the Fair? You can do it at a trot, you can do it at a gallop...take it away mom! It's now the Washington State Fair, so the whole Puyallup part of the name is gone.
Lillie and I went on the only nice weekend day foretasted in the last couple of weeks. We joined the rest of the state. If you've been to the fair and seen the huge parking lot, welp, I got the very last spot!
I did win Lillie an Unicorn!
We purchased some ride tickets and looked for rides with lines that were less than three miles long.
This biker has clearly been waiting in line for a long time. I do enjoy these scary/not scary rides:)
But Lillie wants to go on these rides. So like the third grade kid who joined us on this ride, I just closed my eyes and prayed the whole ride. Somehow I'm still alive!
Look closely at this picture. This was Lillie's very first solo drive as a licensed driver! Woohoo! A dark ride to school. I know right, and her dad out in the dark taking photos! The kid car is now hers to drive.
Check out my new bike! I traded away my old fully suspended bike for this rigid one. This is an all steel bike from Europe. It is made by an outfit called Stooge Cycles who makes the coolest bikes ever (google them). I've only got one ride on it so far, and it's great!

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

...you can do it real slow so your heart don't palpitate...do the Puyallup!