Thursday, August 03, 2017

Seafair Parade!

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Saturday evening was the Torchlight Parade put on in conjunction with Seafair. Normally we hang out in front of the TV and watch the parade in the comfort of our own home. Not this year. We decided to make a Seattle day of it.
Hansen and Lillie were not feeling photos in front of the fountain this visit, but Maren was up for a selfie.
We started the Seattle day at the Science Center for an IMAX showing of Dunkirk. I've known the story from my days in History class, but this movie was a bit much for me. No doubt an awesome movie, but way more war than I had anticipated. I thought we may get a little more backstory. P.S. I am a huge Harry Styles fan.
After food in the Armory, it was over to find a seat for the parade. We got to see this little rally by the Seahawk's band and cheerleaders. Cool!
Parade time.
So many bands and cheer teams and cars and floats and hydros and on and on and on and on. This is without a doubt the best parade we go to. And who doesn't love  a parade? How about the Sound Wave, the Seattle Sounder's band.
U of W band and cheerleaders.
The Navy Band. I think one can still take tours of the Navy ships that are in town for this event.
Some real parade balloon floats.
And my favorite, the hydroplanes! These boats seem so much bigger in real life! I was taking more photos, but it got too dark. I guess that is why the parade is called Torchlight.
Edit: I almost forgot to mention this guy. Right as the parade was starting this guy runs up behind us and hangs a hammock from a tree to a light post. He was awesome. He was a bit surprised that the people around him really didn't want his cold pizza, but he was very nice saying how his mom always told him that if he brought food, he had to bring enough for everyone! Let me just say, he got lots of thumbs up from the folks in the parade.
This is what is going on outside out house as I type. Construction noises. Last year they replaced the natural gas lines throughout the neighborhood. This month they are replacing the electrical lines. Of course they are under the ground, so the road gets dug up again. Yes, the kids can sleep right through this! LOL.
My van? I dropped it off last night to get it's timing belt and water pump replaced. Next week it gets a 10 year check to validate the lifetime powertrain warranty. It's 10 year birthday was last week, can't believe I've owned a car (no...minivan) for 10 years! I actually hope to maybe get another 10 years from it, at least until the kids are out of college!

See you tomorrow.

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