Monday, August 07, 2017

Sam and Amy's Wedding.

Good evening, it is Monday.

Today was a good day. We got to see the Omans, the Ostergards, and Mel and the twins at a nice little BBQ at John and Carol's house. We have recovered from the long day that was Sam and Amy's wedding. It was a great day, and you will see many photos in just a moment. That moment is now:
After a two and a half hour drive, we made it to the tiny ferry that delivers like 16 cars an hour to Lummi Island. On the way we picked up Preston from his house in Bellingham. Well, his old house, he and his buddies will be moving into a new house the end of the month.  You can see the tiny ferry at the end of the dock. While a beautiful ferry ride, it is kind of nerve racking the very first time as it is so small. The ride back off the island 8 hours later was done in the pitch dark, and we were the first car in line, which means the only thing between us and going off into the water was a single wheel block. Yikes. Well, that an my squeaky brakes. I did replace the front brakes on the van this morning, so they should squeak no more.
We caravaned from Bellingham with Maren's cousin Annie and family. What is crazy is how small a world this is at times. We were going to the wedding invited by Sam and family. Sammy grew up in our culde-sac, his folks still live here, and he was one of the twenty culde-sac kids that we've know their whole lives. Preston and I met Amy (Sam's fiance) one time, at his college graduation party. But Annie's family has known Amy since she was just a toddler. The Omans knew them back in California and up in Bellingham, they (Kraig and Annie) even rented out the basement apartment from Amy's parents way back in the day. We discovered this connection when Sam and Amy posted the save the date on Facebook and strangely both us and the Omans were invited. The Omans just met Sam at the wedding. Amazing. As the Omans are visiting from North Carolina much of this month, it worked out perfectly for all of us to attend. Because of the tiny amount of cars getting over to the island, we left early in case we had to wait a couple of ferry trips. We only waited for one extra, then we spent some time in a cafe (this is a selfie I took), then taking some family photos you'll see in a bit.
Here are Sam and Amy walking back down the isle as husband and wife. You can't really tell from this photo, but this deck is overlooking the water. An amazing location for sure. Lummi Island is were Amy's family lives now, so many of the wedding party was able to stay the night on the island. Very nice wedding from the start to the end.
Christian and Chase. In the wedding party and the best man respectively. Of course they were culde-sac kids as well. The wedding had a nice dinner buffet, appetizers, an open bar, and of course cake! We stayed long enough to see it all, even dance a little. We were aware of the time as the ferry leaving only left on the hour, and the last ferry was at midnight. Supposedly they would leave nobody stranded who was in line for the midnight ride, but we made it in time for the 11:00 pm crossing. We dropped Preston back at his house, then drove home. Made it home around 1:30 am!
We had a lot of fun hanging out with old neighbors and friends. We should have had the kids take some pics of us and our old neighbors, but didn't think about it. Oh well. Preston's college roommate Connor and his parents were there as well. It is always great to see Mark and Tina, they moved away a year before Preston and Connor graduated from high school, but it is always like no time has passed when we see them. Tina took this photo of Maren and me. I told Maren that I should try to wave like a normal person (finger close together), she said this not weird, rather it is the ultimate Slane wave as all the photos of my mom waving have the exact same hand. I went back and looked at a few photos, Maren is not wrong. Hi Mom, I wave just like you! Who knew?
Our kids and the Oman kids enjoying dinner and festivities. Kraig took the next couple of amazing photos. I always know that my photos on this blog are not the best photos taken of any event we're at by any stretch. But they are the ones I take and they do tell a story, so I'm happy. The following photos are in by possession thanks to the wonders of Apple Airdrop. Thanks for taking such great photos! In case you're wondering, our kids and the Oman kids are almost perfectly spaced out. In descending order: Preston, Alex, Hansen, Claire, Lillian, and Miles. They are all about a year and a half in age from each other. Perfect.

Preston, Claire, and Alex.

Annie took these photos of our family on Lummi Island before the wedding. The last one may be a Christmas card photo? Well, this blog was to be about the great wedding thrown for Sam and Amy, but there are far more photos of us and the Omans. I guess it is my blog! Ha.

Congratulations Sam and Amy.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

What a beautiful wedding, great pictures, and yes, I guess I do wave like that!