Thursday, August 03, 2017

Cousin Time

Good morning, it is Thursday.

This is post number two for the day. Decided I needed to break up these two Seattle days. Maren's cousin Annie and family have been in town. Our kids and her kids have always gotten along splendidly. We've had a day at the pool with cousins as well as an overnight and  a Seattle day. And we will see them a few more times before they head back to North Carolina, where they've been for the last few years.
BBQ at the pool. I know, not great to get all the food pic, but this is where we're all together.
A second table. Going through my photos, Mark would be happy to hear that the only photos of him I've got are ones where it is burger time. Maybe on purpose. Hmm...
I snagged this photo from FB. Say cheese Maren! LOL. Very cute photo of cousins.
Alex and Claire spent the night at out house the night before last. Lots of laughing and goofing off. Just like old times, except for how tall these kids have gotten. There are no little kids around any more.
Yesterday we spent the day in Seattle. The MoPOP museum was a big hit. We didn't play in the fountain, but a photo op was just fine.
Beam me up! The Star Trek exhibit at this museum is amazing. This is an interactive game where you actually play a role and are on video. I've got a video of myself playing Kirk doing a very dramatic yell! It is not blog worthy, but very fun if you ask me...
After the Omans left (we met Kraig up in Seattle, so we didn't take the same car home), we paid the extra money to see the Jim Henson exhibit. While there was all his works, including the Dark Crystal and more, I love the Muppets the most.
Lillie did too. Hi Kermit!
A couple of my favs. Of course there was Grover, The Count, and more. A great day for sure.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

The Count! I luvv to count, hahaha! Great pictures of the cousins get-together. Glad everyone had a good time.