Thursday, July 27, 2017


Good morning, it is Thursday.

This has been a wind-down week of sorts. The house has felt pretty empty with the Wadey's gone, and with the boys back in their beds, they (at least Hansen, as Preston does have school) are sleeping many hours at a time. For example, it is 12:23 right now and my two youngest kiddos are still sleeping.
Lillie's tennis season has come to an end. This is a photo of her and her partner playing in the last match of the season. I couldn't be more proud of Lillie. She steadily gets better and better at tennis, but even more importantly, she continues to love the game and enjoying playing. What more can one ask from a sport?
What is this??? Maren won this Hamilton book. The note that accompanied the book is every bit as cool in my opinion! Right now Maren loves everything Hamilton. You could not believe her enjoyment of having Clark love the Hamilton soundtrack when the Wadey's were here on their visit.
Friday we took John with us to the first of the Concert in the Park series. A Herb Alpert cover band appropriately named Whipped Cream was the band of the evening. They were great. The leader of the band would give interesting notes about each selection played, and great (or not so great) jokes as well. We really enjoyed the concert.
We brought Chinese food to the concert for dinner. I actually got two fortunes in my fortune cookie! Winner. The two actually go together quite nicely. I wonder who my long time admirer is? Who knows! The shadow knows. LOL.
Yesterday I went with John down to Oakville to visit with a few of his siblings and drive by where he grew up. This is the house John grew up in. It is now/still lived in by his youngest brother Mike. Motor Mike as he was called by Maren and her sisters when they were little. Yes, he still has a motorcycle on the front porch. I didn't take any more photos as we just enjoyed company and hanging out. Oakville is a beautiful place, but is sure is different than Seattle, or even the suburbs like where we live.
 The last winner of this post. Flareon dragged the poop emoji pillow onto his cat tower. I took this photo to share with Aurora, but I will post it here too. Winner!

See you tomorrow.

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