Sunday, July 16, 2017

Wadey's, Emojis, and a Ragnar.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

This morning the Wadeys left for home from their Seattle visit. Last night Aurora came downstairs way past her bedtime nearly in tears because she had to leave in the morning and she just loved her vacation. How great it is that she (and I believe the other Wadey's) had such a great visit? Great indeed. BTW, this is post number two. The first few days of the Wadey visit is the previous post.
This is the last picture I took of the whole visit. Is Aurora really touching Clark's shoulder? Hmm. I just added and then deleted the very first picture I took of Clark after Chuck got back from taking Amber to her Ragnar team meet-up. Yup, Amber was off with her team, Maren was working till 9:00 pm, and the moment Chuck stops the car at out house, Clark is barfing. Chuck and I bonded right then and there. LOL. Not really, I threw a bunch of cleaning supplies at him and ran away. Otherwise Chuck would have been cleaning up my barf too! Ha.
Clark was actually feeling great, just a little car sick. The next day it was a pool day with Jack and Avery. Aurora, Jack, and Avery hit it off like a band of thieves. Long lost friends for sure. Pool and pranks would pretty much sum up their time together.
Of course, the moment the Texas folk are out of the water, they remember something. That Seattle summers equal Texas winters. BRRRRRR. Clark is warming up after a great afternoon in the pool.
Before the pool I took Clark on a tennis ball finding adventure. We found three tennis balls behind the courts. Enough to juggle. I told Clark, "wow, three tennis balls! I thought we would find one, or maybe zero." Clark doesn't miss a beat, "well, I thought we would find eleven, or maybe fourteen, so three is not much!" The moment after this photo was taken, Clark ran down the little hill toward me. He said, "Uncle Juju, I just scampered down the hill!" Scampered. Awesome!
Chuck and I took the Wadey littles to the Flaming Geyser State Park. There. Was. No. Flame. But someone was nice enough to put a little leaf in the spot the flame should have been! Hah.
Not to be discouraged, we did hike up to the Bubbling Geyser. There were bubbles!
And we skipped rocks across the river.
Not only did Preston solve the Rubix Cube repeatedly, he also gave Aurora a little piano lesson.
The next morning, the Covington Days Parade with Jack and Avery. You would not believe the fun that was had. And the candy that was thrown!
I taught Clark this life hack. What else are Uncles good for? That's right, you turn your hoodie around and you've got a snack pocket. Clark stashed his parade candy carefully in his snack pocket. This is actually a parent life hack for the win. Otherwise, who do you think is carrying all this candy?
After the parade it was into the van to go watch Amber's Ragnar team finish. Yes, we got to take a ferry ride. This 20 minute ferry ride was great. Worth the two hour wait for sure. Both ways. Oh well. Our timing was so perfect. We showed up and Amber and team were just at the corner so we all waived. And then we saw their team's final leg running to the finish line. Amazing. 
After a very quick mom/kiddos reunion, Amber had her team photos and such.
Team LiveStrong. Sounds like they had a great run and a great time up here in the PNW. For those of you wondering, this was a 24 hour / 200 mile running relay that is amazingly popular. There were probably 100 teams of 12 runners of which each runner would have run three relay legs of the run. (Edit: There were just over 200 teams in the Texas Ragnar, 514 teams finished this Ragnar.)
Each relay team has two vans that support through the night. This was Amber's van (Van, hah! this is a freaking Cadillac) and you can see her name on the side. The other side of the SUV was covered with names of the folks they were dedicating this run for. We walked around the fair sized parking lot looking at many of the other 200 vans, all with clever names and check marks for the runners. Nicely done Team LiveStrong!
For the last photo of this blog post. And one that Clark would certainly approve of, the Poop Emoji being photobombed by Amber. Yes, fun was had with this most wonderful pillow. Great visit! Till next time Wadey's, emoji on...

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

What a great post! I laughed, I cried, I nearly puked, and we miss you already!!! And for the record, there were just over 200 teams in the Texas Ragnar & 514 teams finished this one. Unbelievable!!! Thanks for making it such a great trip for me & the fam.

Ellen said...

Dad and I loved reading about all your adventures with the Wadeys - and seeing all the great pictures. Aurora is definitely a sweet, emotional, loving girl, and Clark is very funny. I'm so glad everyone could be together - and that when Clark was carsick you got away in time!