Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Siblings, Cousins, and More.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

My sister Amber and her family are out visiting for the week. She has a Ragnar race this weekend, and they have been hitting the tourist world of Seattle heavily, but the evenings they're spending at our house. I've already got plenty of great photos to share, so here is a halfway visit blog post.
Why not start with dessert? The first photo to share is Lillie's cake she made for Amber and Chuck's 20th wedding anniversary. Which is today! Amber was taking a photo and surely has better pic than I do.
The party to match the cake. Amber had a friend over and we had John and Carol over. John and Carol also have visitors. From Sweden. Ulrika and Joachim are on the left and their son J.J. (I may have come up with that nick name as his second name is Julian) are visiting as well. It was great to meet Ulrika and her family. Maren knew Ulrika from her visit way back in middle school days. 
How about a walk up the the school park? While this seems like a good speed to us, the Wadey's were just getting warmed up. Amber's blog will surely include photos of them at (deep breath) Seattle Science center, Space Needle, Troll of Montlake, Gas Works park, Soos Creek Trail, The Zoo, the Aquarium, the Giant Wheel, Snoqualmie Falls, Gum Wall, Pike Place Market, Lake Meridian, and I'm just getting warmed up. What have I been doing while the Wadey's have been all over Seattle?
Watching Wimbledon and Le Tour De France on TV. Well, also taking Lillie to tennis practices and stuff. 
I'm not the only one who knows how to relax. Clark knows how to chill. In my shoes. Like a Boss.
The hammock is an evening favorite for Aurora and Clark. Here they have J.J. joining them.
Maren and Amber hanging out with Chuck and Aurora goofing in the background. 
Look who was able to swing by for a visit. Eric.
This is probably the first time since Amber and Chuck's wedding (20 years ago today) that Eric, Amber, and I have all been together. 
My kids know Eric, but this is the first time Eric has got to meet Aurora and Clark. Here we have all the cousins together along with aunts and uncles. It was a very nice evening.

That's the photos for now. Tonight we will be at the pool, then Amber will be off on her Ragnar adventures. More photos to come later.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

How wonderful to see everyone together. I was just thinking, before I got to it in your blog, that the last time you, Eric, and Amber were together was at Amber's wedding. And yes, those Wadeys certainly have lots of energy for going places - they've worn Grandpa and me out many a time! (But you know...I don't think I've never seen the Troll of Montlake, the Giant Wheel, or the Gum Wall. Maybe next visit.)

Amber said...

It's the Fremont Troll, and we do like to stay busy... thank you for hosting us!!

Susanna Powers said...

Hi Julian! That's great that you all got to see each other! thanks for sharing these photos... Love, susanna