Friday, July 07, 2017


Good morning, it is Friday.

Hope you had a great 4th of July! We did. It sure was crazy around our house as literally our city was the only city in the South Seattle area who didn't outlaw fireworks. The cars had lined up our streets as friends of those in our neighborhood came this way as apposed to the other way around. And it is not like we didn't have our fair share of fireworks either. Years past there were always a few groups lighting off amazing things, this year it was all over, as in every where you looked you still couldn't take it all in. Fun! There was also a parade and friends! Let's go to the photos:
The 4th started with the Enumclaw Parade. Preston and Lillie both marched with the KL marching band, which includes current and alumni band members. These two are great at making costumes from anything! Pirates. AARG!
The Enumclaw Parade is very much like the Burien Parade we used to go to every year back when John and Carol lived in Burien. Here are a bunch of kids on bicycles.
Fancy cars and boats. I'm not so sure that these parades are not just a chance for people with too much money to passively brag to the rest of us hanging out on the curbs watching it all go by. Hmm.
Finally! They saved the best for last. As in the Pirate Band was the last group in the parade! Preston is right in the middle of the photo. Lillie is out of view, a row back and on the other side.
I see Lillie now! AARG!
A couple of exhausted Pirates finding their way back to the van. I mean, the ship. Mythbusters did a cool show on pirates, did you know the patch on their eyes is not because they lost their eye thanks to a sword fight? Nope, it is so they have vision in the dark when they go below deck in the ship, just move the patch from one eye to the other, and night vision!
Back to John and Carol's house for the 4th. The deck is probably done by now, the kids probably wish is could stay like this all summer!
No problem walking back to our house for a game of Giant Jenga!
Smoke bombs, snakes, and sparklers keep us busy after a huge meal and before dark.
As it got dark, things got crazy(-er). The neighbors were not very good at the sport of fireworks, and they had a few flying objects come head high through crowds of people. One right into John and Carol's garage! Hansen had his camera out and he surly has amazing photos.
One of Maren's best friends (Jessica) from her school days came from Wisconsin and hung out with us for the evening. Her two boys will surely remember the crazy that was our neighborhood!
Last week we went to Mick and Susan's house for the Larry Nelson memorial golf outing and get together. Hillbilly Golf at it's finest! We had a great day hanging out with friends.
Lastly, a cartoon Maren sent me. I don't want summer to end!

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

AARG! What a 4th of July! No, I didn't know that about the eye patches. I wonder if there's another explanation for the peg legs, too...