Saturday, July 29, 2017

How neat is that?

Good morning, it is Saturday.

How can you not like a summer time Friday? Well, even thought it has been years since my summer time Fridays were 16 hour days at the golf course opening the facility, teaching lesson in the mid day, and scoring corporate tournaments in the evening, I still cringe a little at those memories. Yesterday was a much better Friday.
How about a mid day hiking trip with my three favorite kids? To Rattlesnake Ridge. Awesome. and no, there are no rattlesnakes here. You don't get to see my whole outfit, but I can tell you that Lillie started laughing and we had to slow things down for a half hour while I learned all about youtube sensation (I really don't know why, yes I do) Lenny Pepperbottom. So we were dressed just alike. How neat is that?
This is what I was looking at the whole hike. Lillie, Preston, and Hansen all having a great time with each other's company and enjoying the outdoors.
This picture was taken just after the one above, but with the selfie lens. Dude, I couldn't keep up!
I did stop for a Huckleberry break. The kids didn't even believe me how good these Huckleberries were. You can tell this is a Huckleberry bush, because of the way it is. LOL. That's pretty neat!
After our hike we made a quick stop at 7-11 for Slurpees. Then it was nap time till Maren got home and our Friday concert in the park.
A beautiful summer evening in the park. Tonight is was The True Loves, a rhythm and blues band who played some very nice music. You may remember that last week I got two fortunes in my fortune cookie, well, last night my fortune cookie was empty! Nothing. Nada. It's all good.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, July 27, 2017


Good morning, it is Thursday.

This has been a wind-down week of sorts. The house has felt pretty empty with the Wadey's gone, and with the boys back in their beds, they (at least Hansen, as Preston does have school) are sleeping many hours at a time. For example, it is 12:23 right now and my two youngest kiddos are still sleeping.
Lillie's tennis season has come to an end. This is a photo of her and her partner playing in the last match of the season. I couldn't be more proud of Lillie. She steadily gets better and better at tennis, but even more importantly, she continues to love the game and enjoying playing. What more can one ask from a sport?
What is this??? Maren won this Hamilton book. The note that accompanied the book is every bit as cool in my opinion! Right now Maren loves everything Hamilton. You could not believe her enjoyment of having Clark love the Hamilton soundtrack when the Wadey's were here on their visit.
Friday we took John with us to the first of the Concert in the Park series. A Herb Alpert cover band appropriately named Whipped Cream was the band of the evening. They were great. The leader of the band would give interesting notes about each selection played, and great (or not so great) jokes as well. We really enjoyed the concert.
We brought Chinese food to the concert for dinner. I actually got two fortunes in my fortune cookie! Winner. The two actually go together quite nicely. I wonder who my long time admirer is? Who knows! The shadow knows. LOL.
Yesterday I went with John down to Oakville to visit with a few of his siblings and drive by where he grew up. This is the house John grew up in. It is now/still lived in by his youngest brother Mike. Motor Mike as he was called by Maren and her sisters when they were little. Yes, he still has a motorcycle on the front porch. I didn't take any more photos as we just enjoyed company and hanging out. Oakville is a beautiful place, but is sure is different than Seattle, or even the suburbs like where we live.
 The last winner of this post. Flareon dragged the poop emoji pillow onto his cat tower. I took this photo to share with Aurora, but I will post it here too. Winner!

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Wadey's, Emojis, and a Ragnar.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

This morning the Wadeys left for home from their Seattle visit. Last night Aurora came downstairs way past her bedtime nearly in tears because she had to leave in the morning and she just loved her vacation. How great it is that she (and I believe the other Wadey's) had such a great visit? Great indeed. BTW, this is post number two. The first few days of the Wadey visit is the previous post.
This is the last picture I took of the whole visit. Is Aurora really touching Clark's shoulder? Hmm. I just added and then deleted the very first picture I took of Clark after Chuck got back from taking Amber to her Ragnar team meet-up. Yup, Amber was off with her team, Maren was working till 9:00 pm, and the moment Chuck stops the car at out house, Clark is barfing. Chuck and I bonded right then and there. LOL. Not really, I threw a bunch of cleaning supplies at him and ran away. Otherwise Chuck would have been cleaning up my barf too! Ha.
Clark was actually feeling great, just a little car sick. The next day it was a pool day with Jack and Avery. Aurora, Jack, and Avery hit it off like a band of thieves. Long lost friends for sure. Pool and pranks would pretty much sum up their time together.
Of course, the moment the Texas folk are out of the water, they remember something. That Seattle summers equal Texas winters. BRRRRRR. Clark is warming up after a great afternoon in the pool.
Before the pool I took Clark on a tennis ball finding adventure. We found three tennis balls behind the courts. Enough to juggle. I told Clark, "wow, three tennis balls! I thought we would find one, or maybe zero." Clark doesn't miss a beat, "well, I thought we would find eleven, or maybe fourteen, so three is not much!" The moment after this photo was taken, Clark ran down the little hill toward me. He said, "Uncle Juju, I just scampered down the hill!" Scampered. Awesome!
Chuck and I took the Wadey littles to the Flaming Geyser State Park. There. Was. No. Flame. But someone was nice enough to put a little leaf in the spot the flame should have been! Hah.
Not to be discouraged, we did hike up to the Bubbling Geyser. There were bubbles!
And we skipped rocks across the river.
Not only did Preston solve the Rubix Cube repeatedly, he also gave Aurora a little piano lesson.
The next morning, the Covington Days Parade with Jack and Avery. You would not believe the fun that was had. And the candy that was thrown!
I taught Clark this life hack. What else are Uncles good for? That's right, you turn your hoodie around and you've got a snack pocket. Clark stashed his parade candy carefully in his snack pocket. This is actually a parent life hack for the win. Otherwise, who do you think is carrying all this candy?
After the parade it was into the van to go watch Amber's Ragnar team finish. Yes, we got to take a ferry ride. This 20 minute ferry ride was great. Worth the two hour wait for sure. Both ways. Oh well. Our timing was so perfect. We showed up and Amber and team were just at the corner so we all waived. And then we saw their team's final leg running to the finish line. Amazing. 
After a very quick mom/kiddos reunion, Amber had her team photos and such.
Team LiveStrong. Sounds like they had a great run and a great time up here in the PNW. For those of you wondering, this was a 24 hour / 200 mile running relay that is amazingly popular. There were probably 100 teams of 12 runners of which each runner would have run three relay legs of the run. (Edit: There were just over 200 teams in the Texas Ragnar, 514 teams finished this Ragnar.)
Each relay team has two vans that support through the night. This was Amber's van (Van, hah! this is a freaking Cadillac) and you can see her name on the side. The other side of the SUV was covered with names of the folks they were dedicating this run for. We walked around the fair sized parking lot looking at many of the other 200 vans, all with clever names and check marks for the runners. Nicely done Team LiveStrong!
For the last photo of this blog post. And one that Clark would certainly approve of, the Poop Emoji being photobombed by Amber. Yes, fun was had with this most wonderful pillow. Great visit! Till next time Wadey's, emoji on...

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Siblings, Cousins, and More.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

My sister Amber and her family are out visiting for the week. She has a Ragnar race this weekend, and they have been hitting the tourist world of Seattle heavily, but the evenings they're spending at our house. I've already got plenty of great photos to share, so here is a halfway visit blog post.
Why not start with dessert? The first photo to share is Lillie's cake she made for Amber and Chuck's 20th wedding anniversary. Which is today! Amber was taking a photo and surely has better pic than I do.
The party to match the cake. Amber had a friend over and we had John and Carol over. John and Carol also have visitors. From Sweden. Ulrika and Joachim are on the left and their son J.J. (I may have come up with that nick name as his second name is Julian) are visiting as well. It was great to meet Ulrika and her family. Maren knew Ulrika from her visit way back in middle school days. 
How about a walk up the the school park? While this seems like a good speed to us, the Wadey's were just getting warmed up. Amber's blog will surely include photos of them at (deep breath) Seattle Science center, Space Needle, Troll of Montlake, Gas Works park, Soos Creek Trail, The Zoo, the Aquarium, the Giant Wheel, Snoqualmie Falls, Gum Wall, Pike Place Market, Lake Meridian, and I'm just getting warmed up. What have I been doing while the Wadey's have been all over Seattle?
Watching Wimbledon and Le Tour De France on TV. Well, also taking Lillie to tennis practices and stuff. 
I'm not the only one who knows how to relax. Clark knows how to chill. In my shoes. Like a Boss.
The hammock is an evening favorite for Aurora and Clark. Here they have J.J. joining them.
Maren and Amber hanging out with Chuck and Aurora goofing in the background. 
Look who was able to swing by for a visit. Eric.
This is probably the first time since Amber and Chuck's wedding (20 years ago today) that Eric, Amber, and I have all been together. 
My kids know Eric, but this is the first time Eric has got to meet Aurora and Clark. Here we have all the cousins together along with aunts and uncles. It was a very nice evening.

That's the photos for now. Tonight we will be at the pool, then Amber will be off on her Ragnar adventures. More photos to come later.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, July 07, 2017


Good morning, it is Friday.

Hope you had a great 4th of July! We did. It sure was crazy around our house as literally our city was the only city in the South Seattle area who didn't outlaw fireworks. The cars had lined up our streets as friends of those in our neighborhood came this way as apposed to the other way around. And it is not like we didn't have our fair share of fireworks either. Years past there were always a few groups lighting off amazing things, this year it was all over, as in every where you looked you still couldn't take it all in. Fun! There was also a parade and friends! Let's go to the photos:
The 4th started with the Enumclaw Parade. Preston and Lillie both marched with the KL marching band, which includes current and alumni band members. These two are great at making costumes from anything! Pirates. AARG!
The Enumclaw Parade is very much like the Burien Parade we used to go to every year back when John and Carol lived in Burien. Here are a bunch of kids on bicycles.
Fancy cars and boats. I'm not so sure that these parades are not just a chance for people with too much money to passively brag to the rest of us hanging out on the curbs watching it all go by. Hmm.
Finally! They saved the best for last. As in the Pirate Band was the last group in the parade! Preston is right in the middle of the photo. Lillie is out of view, a row back and on the other side.
I see Lillie now! AARG!
A couple of exhausted Pirates finding their way back to the van. I mean, the ship. Mythbusters did a cool show on pirates, did you know the patch on their eyes is not because they lost their eye thanks to a sword fight? Nope, it is so they have vision in the dark when they go below deck in the ship, just move the patch from one eye to the other, and night vision!
Back to John and Carol's house for the 4th. The deck is probably done by now, the kids probably wish is could stay like this all summer!
No problem walking back to our house for a game of Giant Jenga!
Smoke bombs, snakes, and sparklers keep us busy after a huge meal and before dark.
As it got dark, things got crazy(-er). The neighbors were not very good at the sport of fireworks, and they had a few flying objects come head high through crowds of people. One right into John and Carol's garage! Hansen had his camera out and he surly has amazing photos.
One of Maren's best friends (Jessica) from her school days came from Wisconsin and hung out with us for the evening. Her two boys will surely remember the crazy that was our neighborhood!
Last week we went to Mick and Susan's house for the Larry Nelson memorial golf outing and get together. Hillbilly Golf at it's finest! We had a great day hanging out with friends.
Lastly, a cartoon Maren sent me. I don't want summer to end!

See you tomorrow.