Saturday, June 17, 2017

Nap Time!

Good morning, it is Saturday.

This week has flown by! Below are a few photos so you can follow the fun:
A week ago Lillie performed in her last Middle School band function. A parade! Her band marched in the Maple Valley Days Parade.
There's Lillie! She is the farthest person out in this photo. Maren said the band sounded great! Even if their playlist was cut to one song due to some last minute changes. I wasn't at this march as I was in the northern part of the state with Hansen for a archery tournament.
Up in the woods of Northern Washington State, Mount Vernon to be exact, this tournament wandered through some very cool old woodlands. This shot is very downhill. Hansen is up on the platform shooting down over a ravine 60 yard to a target you can just see under the platform to the left of the staircase. This range is just down the street from where Carol learned how to drive a car many many many many many many many many many years ago! How cool is that?
This is not an all too unfamiliar look for our living room now that Preston is home from college. This summer may be defined by the nap as Lillie will have tennis practice early in the mornings, and Preston is taking summer classes at Green River College to pad his credits.
I brought the Giant Jenga set out. We came up with a new set of rules. The only rules are: there are no rules. Well, if the pile falls within 5 seconds of you letting go, you lose...

See you tomorrow.

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