Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Last Day of School!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

This is the second post for today! Right now I am enjoying the peace and quiet of the mid day. Preston is attending a couple of summer classes at GRC to pad his credit requirements for his college degree. Hansen has been sleeping. And Lillie is back to sleep after an early morning tennis practice.

Yesterday was the last day of school! At work I basically said bye to students and teachers for a couple of months. Next year starts in just two months. Or we have to wait a whole two months to start next year! Depends on perspective. Hansen is now a Senior and Lillie is now a Freshman. Crazy huh?
Yesterday morning I dropped Lillie and her friend Naelli off for their last day of middle school. Lillie and a few friends like to walk to a park and hangout on nice weather days after school. They play cards, paint nails, and laugh. Yesterday was no different. I think they're all totally ready for high school!
After work I went to the local golf course and played nine holes with some of the staffers from my school. I got to play with the music guys. This is my group. J.U., Fowler, and Mr. Harris. I took the photo so I'm conveniently missing. Hah! Yesterday was also Mr. Harris's last day of teaching. Yup, retired!
I had one of my best rounds in like 20 years. Every shot just went right where I wanted it to. My 31 could have been a 29 with just a few more inches of putts going in. Pete is a fun golfer with 70 year old golf clubs. He had plenty of personal ESPN moments that didn't necessarily reflect on the scorecard! LOL. Dave wasn't overly impressed with his first round of retirement, but unknowing to him we were giving him letter scores, as in R,E,T,I,R,E,D! And he perfectly pared the long par 3 after the D.
Lake Wilderness is in great shape these days. The greens were perfect. Here Dave is teeing on hole 8.
This is how it was. The goofballs in the group in front of (more teachers on their last day for the year) putting the flag in upside-down (or in the bunker) just having fun. And my shots getting close. It was very fun!
Here is the group of golfers from KL. Until next year (or not in the case of Mr. Harris and five other fine staff members who also retired) have a great summer!

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Congratulations on a great school year and a great round of golf!