Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hillary and Hamilton!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

School went a whole week long due to a crazy winter of snow days. So our last day of school was actually yesterday. For the last few days Maren has been in Chicago for the ALA summer meetings. We all know she worked and worked on her committees and such, but you really want to see the cool things she got to do:
Maren and Judy got tickets to see Hamilton! I know right!
There are no bad seats when seeing Hamilton. Or so they say. Maren loved this play and it was a true highlight of the trip. Only thing that could even been seen as better is:
Getting to see Hillary Clinton speak live. To Librarians. Maren says the line was pretty long, the wait was very long, but the excitement was high, and it was totally worth it.
Pretty good seats too! Maren says Hillary is a very good speaker, and very motivational. Very cool.
Recognize this painting Maren is in front of? It is more fitting for a day off of school than a summer off! How's that for a clue?
Yup, that is Cameron having a shift of perspective in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Now for a shift from Chicago to our house:
While Maren was gone, we had a 95 degree weekend. So I decided to clean out the garage. Here is a mid way through pic of stuff all gathered up for a trip to the dump.
Dump run complete. Things put back in place. Maren's car back in the garage too.
When cleaning out the garage I came across a van load of stuff that went to the dump, but I also came across some treasures. Here is a small box of tape cassettes from Maren's and my younger days. I even dug out a cassette player so we could play these in the house. They were fun for a day. It is already time to put them back in the attic for another decade.

See you tomorrow.

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