Sunday, May 28, 2017

Pool, Year End Band Concerts, and More.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

In the Seattle area this is the warmest Memorial Day weekend since the summer before Preston was born. Yesterday we went to the pool for the first time this season. Like the sales of this weekend, you're getting more blog than usual as well. That is what happens when this blogger is busy enough to forget about blogging for awhile.
We hung out at the back of the pool area behind the tennis courts. This is the most peaceful area IMO. Yesterday it truly seemed like a vacation.
 Maren, Lillie, Mel, Jack, and Avery enjoying a pool that "is as warm as bath water". Hmm.
Lillie out on the tennis courts. Tennis team for the KSTC will start up in about a month.

This could have easily been a separate blog post:
End of year band concerts! It is amazing how much better Lillie's end of year 8th grade band sounds than her beginning of year 7th grade band sounded. I mean no offense to those early 7th graders, but you guys have really improved!
Last week we also went up to WWU to see one of Preston's year end band concerts as well. They were great. They did a song called Bombing of Dresden. It was very powerful and amazing to listen to and I'm sure to participate in as well.
Yup, John and Carol came along for the concert as well. With camera in tow. WWU is a beautiful campus this time of year for sure.
Picking up Preston, he and his roommates were out doing yard work. They have enjoyed the house they rented. I'd guess that a new house may be on the horizon for next year, but the group of guys will mostly stay the same.
Here is your cat picture. This is Flareon trying to eat the rope I'm using to hang the hammock. You know that I finally think good weather is here for a while when the hammock goes up.
My mom sent me a couple of nice pictures from Florida. This is my mom hanging at some beach probably in Fort Lauderdale.
How about a photo of my dad and his new guitar! I know right. He may have traded in his golf clubs for a guitar...

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Molly wants to know who did the paintings on the wall in the photo of Robert and the guitar? Thanks.

Ellen said...

Lots of cool stuff going on! Sounds like a nice summer ahead with tennis, swimming, and naps in the hammock until Flareon chews it down. About the paintings - the one on the right is by Everett Woodson. The one on the left is C. Glasser. All our paintings are from thrift shops and yard sales.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ellen, I had wondered if they were paintings you had done. I recall the mural you did at your church in Hollywood.

Amber said...

That picture of Preston and Lillie is gorgeous. I have such an urge to over-plan our trip to Seattle, and yet part of me just wants to hang out next to that pool all day... perhaps we'll find a way to do it all!