Friday, April 14, 2017

The Museum of Pop Culture.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was tourist day. Or maybe it was museum day. The Museum of Pop Culture to be exact. Last time we were there (the kids have very vague memories, and Maren thought those memories were from a different museum) the place was called the EMP and we were there to see the Jim Henson exhibit. Yesterday we were there just to see it all, and because it was so rainy that the zoo didn't seem like the place to go.
The weather was decent when we arrived, and when we left. But it sure rained a ton while we were in Seattle, and once we got home, it has been rain nonstop.
One of the very first things we saw, Shrek and Fiona's chair? Ogres?
The display areas for The Princes Bride may have been the kid's favorites. They had outfits for the famous characters and even this display with swords and the glove with an extra finger...
What?!? Julian the Wise Wizard? Yup.
There were exhibits from modern sci-fi to scary movies to all kinds of things.
The interactive parts of the museum were very fun.
Nanu nanu.
Making music.
My kids were not interested in dressing up in front of Macklemore's Thrift Shop display, but that didn't keep many a kid from having at it. It is pretty funny, these days the young kids seem to always end every single photo op with the dab...
From the dab to Football. A perfect segue. In one very small room, that didn't interest the kids, sat the Lombardi Trophy, a Superbowl ring, and a football, from the Seahawks Superbowl victory.
On the monorail to downtown Seattle. The center house was just too crowded to eat, so it was into Seattle for lunch and a little shopping.
As the day drags on, where else can one go to lift one's sprits? Yup, cotton candy.
For the last picture of the day, a little sword fighting with cotton candy (perfect candy colors, blue for the boys and pink for the girls-LOL) in front of the Space Needle. Had I turned the camera toward the south, all you would have seen would have been dark and gloomy clouds...

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Wow, all kinds of cool outings going on! It was fun to see all the pictures.

Amber said...

I'm starting to dream about our week in Seattle this July! Better be ready for another trip downtown...