Saturday, April 22, 2017

March for Science - Seattle.

Good evening, it is Saturday.

Happy Earth Day! Today we joined around 20,000 people in Seattle and millions more across the globe to march for science. I need not go into all the political reasons [in my blog] such a march is necessary, but we were happy to be involved.
The very first photo of the day. The march started at Cal Anderson Park, about 2 miles up hill from the Seattle Center. So I dropped these three off and went and parked at the Seattle Center. Then I walked the march route backwards to meet up with the fam.
It didn't take long for the crowds to really show up. I got to the park just as it was all starting. Here is Lillie and Hansen. Maren is right over Lillie's shoulder. Yes, we made some steller signage. I will admit, the signs we saw at this science march were very good. Random people were coming up to Hansen to take pictures of his brain hat that his Nana made for him just for this march.
Maren practicing the art of the selfie. People as far as the camera can see.
There were speakers and some music as folks gathered. Scientists and politicians were among the speakers.
All the way to the Seattle Center. This week is also is the Space Needle's 50th birthday.
Lillie took this picture of Maren and myself marching. If you're a FB friend with Maren, you will recognize this as her new cover photo.
We made it to the fountain. We ditched the center house and went out to lunch afterwards. We were all feeling a little people-y after three plus hours of shoulder to shoulder with loud strangers. What? Science lovers can be kind of introverted:) But they all came out to march today...
When we got home we checked the mail to find a letter to "the Parents of Lillian..." Uh Oh. Na, instead we learned that Lillie was awarded Student of the Month in March for Science! Lillie said, "Oh Yeah!" and dug this certificate out of the bottom of her back pack. LOL! Pretty fitting for today, don't you think?
Yesterday we were out shopping for a science shirt or two, and yes! Unicorn Frappuccino! Sweet.
The last photo for this blog is one from the pages of the Seattle Times. If you look at the top right of this photo you'll see Maren reading while the kids are checking out the booths at the staging area.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Way to go, marchers for science! And congrats to Lillie for being awarded Student of the Month and to the Space Needle for 50 years!