Sunday, April 16, 2017


Good evening, it is Sunday.

Hope you've enjoyed a Happy Easter. We had a very nice day which started with church, then a family dinner/birthday party at John and Carol's house. The gang was all there. Today will be a day that will be forever remembered in Ostergard lore. Why? Maybe someday you can see the video of Stef doing her magic penny trick...
Preston came home this weekend which was a wonderful surprise. He was home last weekend for the Supernatural, so we didn't think we would see him. His friend Malcolm took this picture of our family after church. This is my FB cover photo now! As I type Preston, Nick, and Connor are driving back up to WWU for school tomorrow.
There were even Easter Baskets hidden at John and Carol's house!
Yup, Easter Baskets for Jack and Avery too!The little rocket in Jack's hand did get launched.
We also celebrated Stef's birthday. The "S" in front of Stef's face is one that Lillie and Preston crafted last night.
We even decorated some Easter Eggs(the night before)! Hansen was out visiting friends, but he did get to hang with his siblings plenty this weekend.
This is Preston flying on his BMX bike. While waiting for his ride back to school, we goofed off out front. Lillie got some cool videos of BMX and cats. Cats? Yes, Lillie and Preston are cat magnets, and all the neighbor cats come over and say "hi" to them.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Happy Easter! What a great family photo!