Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Supernatural Birthday.

Good evening, it is Tuesday.

Last weekend was the event that was Lillie's birthday gift. Her and her brothers went to the Supernatural Convention! Yes, Supernatural is Lillie's favorite TV show ever. Yes, she spends weekend nights catching up on all the episodes. Yes, she has gotten her brothers hooked on the show as well.
I drove the group up to Bellevue so they didn't need to worry about parking or having a car up there. Is this Sam, Castiel, and Dean? Yes! Well, actually it is Preston, Lillie, and Hansen in their cosplay. They had tickets to Saturday's events as well as an autograph for Lillie.
Yahoo! At the event. Yes, Lillie even straightened out Preston's hair to fit his character. Preston is back to his usual curly hair by now for sure.
Hello Dean.
Castiel, is that you?
What? The VIP lounge? Nice! This picture is about as close as they got to the VIP lounge. LOL.
I asked for the best pictures from the event. Turns out the best pictures were actually snapchatted. I must admit, I cracked up when I first saw this pic. Why? There is no one there. The seats are empty! Duh. Oh, one of the stars is walking through the ball room.
Time for cosplay contests. Yes, Lillie and a bunch of other Castiel's.
 Preston and Hansen got to be a team in their cosplay contests.
And we have a few winners! Well, not grand prize winners, but the kids all ended up with photos and necklaces. Here is Lillie's framed picture signed by Misha Collins.

A great time had by all for sure. They were at the conference for over 12 hours! Luckily Maren had pizza ready as we walked in the door. Preston said that was the best meal he has had in months!

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

How cool! We love that show, too. Our favorite scene of all is where Dean sings "Eye of the Tiger."

Amber said...

I don't even know this show. Clearly I'm missing out!!!