Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Celebrity Photo Op! Stefan Frei!

Good afternoon, it is Tuesday.

Today at work Maren heard that Stefan Frei, goal keeper of the Seattle Sounders FC was just around the corner signing autographs. At the last moment she decided to walk over and see if she could meet one of her favorite soccer players.
This is the first picture Maren sent me. The line was long!
She made it! A photo with Stefan Frei! Dreams do come true! Sadly, Maren didn't have a soccer ball, a jersey, a poster, or even a little kid to get signed. Boohoo!
But wait! Maren wears a Seattle Sounders FC lanyard to work every single day! Phew, she did have something to sign, or she would have never been able to wash her forehead again. Maren said he liked that he was signing something that would be worn every single day.
In case you don't know right off who Stefan Frei is, this is his amazing save in last year's MLS Cup finals.
And this is the MLS Cup trophy that the Seattle Sounders FC are now in possession of. Nice!

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

How exciting for Maren! And what a cool thing to have signed. (It reminds me of how happy I was to see Joey Ramone - and thanks to you, I have a picture!)