Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Celebrity Photo Op! Stefan Frei!

Good afternoon, it is Tuesday.

Today at work Maren heard that Stefan Frei, goal keeper of the Seattle Sounders FC was just around the corner signing autographs. At the last moment she decided to walk over and see if she could meet one of her favorite soccer players.
This is the first picture Maren sent me. The line was long!
She made it! A photo with Stefan Frei! Dreams do come true! Sadly, Maren didn't have a soccer ball, a jersey, a poster, or even a little kid to get signed. Boohoo!
But wait! Maren wears a Seattle Sounders FC lanyard to work every single day! Phew, she did have something to sign, or she would have never been able to wash her forehead again. Maren said he liked that he was signing something that would be worn every single day.
In case you don't know right off who Stefan Frei is, this is his amazing save in last year's MLS Cup finals.
And this is the MLS Cup trophy that the Seattle Sounders FC are now in possession of. Nice!

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

March for Science - Seattle.

Good evening, it is Saturday.

Happy Earth Day! Today we joined around 20,000 people in Seattle and millions more across the globe to march for science. I need not go into all the political reasons [in my blog] such a march is necessary, but we were happy to be involved.
The very first photo of the day. The march started at Cal Anderson Park, about 2 miles up hill from the Seattle Center. So I dropped these three off and went and parked at the Seattle Center. Then I walked the march route backwards to meet up with the fam.
It didn't take long for the crowds to really show up. I got to the park just as it was all starting. Here is Lillie and Hansen. Maren is right over Lillie's shoulder. Yes, we made some steller signage. I will admit, the signs we saw at this science march were very good. Random people were coming up to Hansen to take pictures of his brain hat that his Nana made for him just for this march.
Maren practicing the art of the selfie. People as far as the camera can see.
There were speakers and some music as folks gathered. Scientists and politicians were among the speakers.
All the way to the Seattle Center. This week is also is the Space Needle's 50th birthday.
Lillie took this picture of Maren and myself marching. If you're a FB friend with Maren, you will recognize this as her new cover photo.
We made it to the fountain. We ditched the center house and went out to lunch afterwards. We were all feeling a little people-y after three plus hours of shoulder to shoulder with loud strangers. What? Science lovers can be kind of introverted:) But they all came out to march today...
When we got home we checked the mail to find a letter to "the Parents of Lillian..." Uh Oh. Na, instead we learned that Lillie was awarded Student of the Month in March for Science! Lillie said, "Oh Yeah!" and dug this certificate out of the bottom of her back pack. LOL! Pretty fitting for today, don't you think?
Yesterday we were out shopping for a science shirt or two, and yes! Unicorn Frappuccino! Sweet.
The last photo for this blog is one from the pages of the Seattle Times. If you look at the top right of this photo you'll see Maren reading while the kids are checking out the booths at the staging area.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Good evening, it is Sunday.

Hope you've enjoyed a Happy Easter. We had a very nice day which started with church, then a family dinner/birthday party at John and Carol's house. The gang was all there. Today will be a day that will be forever remembered in Ostergard lore. Why? Maybe someday you can see the video of Stef doing her magic penny trick...
Preston came home this weekend which was a wonderful surprise. He was home last weekend for the Supernatural, so we didn't think we would see him. His friend Malcolm took this picture of our family after church. This is my FB cover photo now! As I type Preston, Nick, and Connor are driving back up to WWU for school tomorrow.
There were even Easter Baskets hidden at John and Carol's house!
Yup, Easter Baskets for Jack and Avery too!The little rocket in Jack's hand did get launched.
We also celebrated Stef's birthday. The "S" in front of Stef's face is one that Lillie and Preston crafted last night.
We even decorated some Easter Eggs(the night before)! Hansen was out visiting friends, but he did get to hang with his siblings plenty this weekend.
This is Preston flying on his BMX bike. While waiting for his ride back to school, we goofed off out front. Lillie got some cool videos of BMX and cats. Cats? Yes, Lillie and Preston are cat magnets, and all the neighbor cats come over and say "hi" to them.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, April 14, 2017

The Museum of Pop Culture.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was tourist day. Or maybe it was museum day. The Museum of Pop Culture to be exact. Last time we were there (the kids have very vague memories, and Maren thought those memories were from a different museum) the place was called the EMP and we were there to see the Jim Henson exhibit. Yesterday we were there just to see it all, and because it was so rainy that the zoo didn't seem like the place to go.
The weather was decent when we arrived, and when we left. But it sure rained a ton while we were in Seattle, and once we got home, it has been rain nonstop.
One of the very first things we saw, Shrek and Fiona's chair? Ogres?
The display areas for The Princes Bride may have been the kid's favorites. They had outfits for the famous characters and even this display with swords and the glove with an extra finger...
What?!? Julian the Wise Wizard? Yup.
There were exhibits from modern sci-fi to scary movies to all kinds of things.
The interactive parts of the museum were very fun.
Nanu nanu.
Making music.
My kids were not interested in dressing up in front of Macklemore's Thrift Shop display, but that didn't keep many a kid from having at it. It is pretty funny, these days the young kids seem to always end every single photo op with the dab...
From the dab to Football. A perfect segue. In one very small room, that didn't interest the kids, sat the Lombardi Trophy, a Superbowl ring, and a football, from the Seahawks Superbowl victory.
On the monorail to downtown Seattle. The center house was just too crowded to eat, so it was into Seattle for lunch and a little shopping.
As the day drags on, where else can one go to lift one's sprits? Yup, cotton candy.
For the last picture of the day, a little sword fighting with cotton candy (perfect candy colors, blue for the boys and pink for the girls-LOL) in front of the Space Needle. Had I turned the camera toward the south, all you would have seen would have been dark and gloomy clouds...

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Dave's Not Here.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Last night Maren and I attended a local town hall. It was one where our local US Representative was invited to attend, but chose not to. Why? Because he is a Trump rubber stamp guy and such a town hall would be zero fun for him. While this room was filled with folks that probably didn't vote for him, they are his constituents.
There was a life size picture of our Rep so you can take a selfie with him. Here Maren is taking a non-selfie with a non-Dave Reichert.
There were a few local politicians who were in house talking about issues and how to be involved in local/federal politics if you choose to do so. Like you see in town hall meetings across the nation, there were green and red signs for agree and disagree. It was a very civil town hall. And there was actually a Dave in the room. King County Counclmember Dave Upthegrove is the guy speaking.

Changing gears to a week ago's archery tournament. This was our small group in a Safari style event.
The monkeys are especially hard targets as they have small dots for the distance, the dots leave very little room for error.
Folks don't just take random pics at archery tournaments, a closer look shows our group's best shots of the day. Hansen's arrows are left, and mine are on the right.
Is that shapchat? Nope, snapcat.
How about we end on Lille's Supernatural art project for the week. You can't tell in this photo, but this sheet of wood is like 3 feet by 3 feet. And there are probably 100 little nails pounded evenly spaced in the shape of angel wings to make the design. Who knows how many feet of string is used connecting all the nails. Very cool!

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Supernatural Birthday.

Good evening, it is Tuesday.

Last weekend was the event that was Lillie's birthday gift. Her and her brothers went to the Supernatural Convention! Yes, Supernatural is Lillie's favorite TV show ever. Yes, she spends weekend nights catching up on all the episodes. Yes, she has gotten her brothers hooked on the show as well.
I drove the group up to Bellevue so they didn't need to worry about parking or having a car up there. Is this Sam, Castiel, and Dean? Yes! Well, actually it is Preston, Lillie, and Hansen in their cosplay. They had tickets to Saturday's events as well as an autograph for Lillie.
Yahoo! At the event. Yes, Lillie even straightened out Preston's hair to fit his character. Preston is back to his usual curly hair by now for sure.
Hello Dean.
Castiel, is that you?
What? The VIP lounge? Nice! This picture is about as close as they got to the VIP lounge. LOL.
I asked for the best pictures from the event. Turns out the best pictures were actually snapchatted. I must admit, I cracked up when I first saw this pic. Why? There is no one there. The seats are empty! Duh. Oh, one of the stars is walking through the ball room.
Time for cosplay contests. Yes, Lillie and a bunch of other Castiel's.
 Preston and Hansen got to be a team in their cosplay contests.
And we have a few winners! Well, not grand prize winners, but the kids all ended up with photos and necklaces. Here is Lillie's framed picture signed by Misha Collins.

A great time had by all for sure. They were at the conference for over 12 hours! Luckily Maren had pizza ready as we walked in the door. Preston said that was the best meal he has had in months!

See you tomorrow.