Sunday, March 05, 2017


Good morning, it is Sunday.

Happy Birthday Lillie!!! 14! Lillie set her alarm for 2;59am, got her brother up (I think they may have stayed up. I don't know, I was sleeping!), and opened her presents! Awesome! 14 years ago Maren and I got to the hospital not even an hour before Lillie was born. She has been motoring ever since! Today will be some shopping, eating, and celebrating. Hopefully we will have more Lillie pictures for the next blog. But here is a cat picture:
This is not just some random cat picture. Yesterday was Ranger's birthday. This is a 15 year old gumpy cat! Hansen and Lillie went out and bought him this little cat bed:
After a little cat nip, Ranger is checking things out.
But such is life for Ranger, Flareon flew in and ruined everything! Flareon dragged the new bed across the room, flipped it over, and is resting on the bottom of it. Did I tell you that Friday morning Hansen came in right as he was leaving to school to tell me that Flareon was stuck in the neighbor's cat trap? That happened. I went over and rang the doorbell like 50 times till the old guy answered the door in his jammies and his nose strip looking like, WTF? Then I kindly asked if I could untrap Flareon. SMH.
Maren and I went out and picked up some Doughnuts and flowers to wake up Lillie with. Maren said she is now too old for the spanking machine, and a pinch, to grow an inch. I'm still not so sure about that. Can you really be too old for the spanking machine? Do you ever not want to grow an inch? Hmm.
Yesterday The Sounders started their 2017 season. We watched with our 2016 champions mugs and some beer. The Sounders lost, but they looked good the second half.
Last week (Monday) I headed down to Kent for tennis. There was no snow when I left and there was none really in the forecast. This blizzard came out of nowhere! I make it to Kentridge High School (who's girls basketball team won the State 4A Championships last night!) and this happened! I pulled over, called the tennis court and let them know I wasn't making it. Then spent an hour trying to get home. Crazy!

Off to birthday fun! A couple days ago Jack and Avery turned nine! Happy 9th birthday!

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Happy birthday, Lillie! And Ranger! And the twins! Well, life is never dull with Flareon around.

Susanna Powers said...

Happy birthday Lillie! 14 is a good age. Love, susanna

Amber said...

So many birthdays, so many doughnuts, so many opportunities for spanking & pinching. HBD, Lillie!!!