Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Eric Visit.

Good evening, it is Wednesday.

This evening I got to visit with someone I don't get to see very often. My brother Eric! Eric is in town visiting friends. We (Eric and friends) met up at Azteca and had a very nice dinner. After dinner they came over and met Maren, Hansen, and Lillie. Eric had not seen Hansen or Lillie for a long time and was amazed how grown up they are. I'm amazed by that every single day as well. We had a very nice visit, I hope to see Eric again before he is on the road again.

Hats or no hats? Not like we're fooling anyone, but when you don't have much hair, trust me, the hat is the difference between warm and cold. Eric is looking good for sure. 
Hansen got to take an archery lesson from one of the more accomplished olympic recurve archers in the northwest. Hansen still shoots his compound bow, but here's to getting a good start in a new discipline.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Pizza Roses.

Good evening, it is Friday.

Just a lazy evening at the Slane/Ostergard house. We've got the US National Soccer team on the TV. Lillie is finishing up some homework that is due at midnight. Preston is out with friends, and Hansen is out of view. Since I moved over to the computer, Ranger has taken my spot on the couch next to Maren. Hmph. Welp, it's been a while since my last blog, let's see what you've missed.
Preston has been home this week for spring break. Just before he came home, he and a bunch of friends sent off one of his very favorite Japanese exchange students as he [Hiroki] heads back to Japan. We were lucky enough to have Hiroki over for a couple days last summer, and I doubt any human on the planet has a bigger smile!
So what's been happening since Preston's been home? Lillie and I are still in school. Hansen has had a few finals as next week is his spring break. Maren has been getting work on her shoulder. What? Yup, Maren had an MRI and will be seeing a surgeon for help with a messed up rotator cuff. But yea, lots of weird cooking. These are pizza roses. And right now there is a whole bowl of slime in the kitchen. Yes, slime!
Lillie participated in the Regional competition for History month. The event was held at Green River College and she even got Maren, Preston, and Hansen to show up for support.
How awesome is this kid? Preston sent plenty of fun pictures. I'm sparing you a couple of my favorites. The one of all the kids sitting on the stairs where a sign clearly states that no one is to be sitting on the stairs! The next picture he sent me the stairs were empty! An adult must have swung by.
How about a couple cat pics? This is Carol and John's new cat Miss Mary. Or M squared for short. Miss Mary is a very nice cat who was happy to hang out with me. Hansen and Lillie actually found Miss Mary on a local Instagram adoption site the moment Carol said she was interested in a new cat.
This is our cat Flareon wandering around in the roof of the garage. Maren says he is TSTL. Too stupid to live. Good thing he has 9 lives.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, March 10, 2017

WWU Band!

Good morning, it is Friday.

Thanks to a teacher workshop day, there is no school for me and Lillie. Maren has the day off as well. Hansen not only has school, but he has a presentation for one of his classes, and I must admit he was looking pretty sharp with shirt and a tie! Wednesday we got to do something that a couple of years ago we wouldn't have thought would happen again. We go to see Preston in a band concert!
This winter Preston joined the Western Washington University Symphonic Band! Maren, Lillie, John, Carol, and I drove up after work/school on Wednesday. Made it to WWU in time to take Preston out to dinner before his concert.
Preston is pretty much right in the middle of the picture. Second row playing the clarinet. I think Preston would say that piano is his favorite instrument, but being back in a symphonic band is fun no matter what instrument one plays.

A couple of photos after the concert, then it was on the road again. We dropped Preston off at his house, then made it home by like 11:00 pm. Nice time for sure!

See you tomorrow.

Monday, March 06, 2017

Yahoo For Lillie's Day!

Good evening, it is Monday.

Yahoo for birthdays! Lillie enjoyed her birthday. She slept half of it away as she had been up at 2:59 am with Hansen celebrating the actual time of her birth. A little shopping, out to dinner, and some ice-cream cake later and now it's 14 for a year.
Yahoo for dinner! Hansen and Lillie at Claim Jumpers for a special birthday treat.
Yahoo for cake!
Yahoo for candles!
Yahoo for snow! Well, it is pretty, but I'm so tired of snow! This will be what every day looks like this week.
Yahoo for band! Tonight was one of the best band concerts we've been to. All the feeder elementary schools, the middle school, and the high school all together. Really great. Lillie is in the back of this photo.
Yahoo for pano photography. The high school band is on the left, elementary bands in the middle, and middle school band on the right. We had a rocking good time.
Yahoo for old cars! My van hit 100,000 miles on the drive to dinner yesterday. What's crazy is that we purchased this van new. And we still have it. I can't even.

Tomorrow is my dad's birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! I'll call ya.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 05, 2017


Good morning, it is Sunday.

Happy Birthday Lillie!!! 14! Lillie set her alarm for 2;59am, got her brother up (I think they may have stayed up. I don't know, I was sleeping!), and opened her presents! Awesome! 14 years ago Maren and I got to the hospital not even an hour before Lillie was born. She has been motoring ever since! Today will be some shopping, eating, and celebrating. Hopefully we will have more Lillie pictures for the next blog. But here is a cat picture:
This is not just some random cat picture. Yesterday was Ranger's birthday. This is a 15 year old gumpy cat! Hansen and Lillie went out and bought him this little cat bed:
After a little cat nip, Ranger is checking things out.
But such is life for Ranger, Flareon flew in and ruined everything! Flareon dragged the new bed across the room, flipped it over, and is resting on the bottom of it. Did I tell you that Friday morning Hansen came in right as he was leaving to school to tell me that Flareon was stuck in the neighbor's cat trap? That happened. I went over and rang the doorbell like 50 times till the old guy answered the door in his jammies and his nose strip looking like, WTF? Then I kindly asked if I could untrap Flareon. SMH.
Maren and I went out and picked up some Doughnuts and flowers to wake up Lillie with. Maren said she is now too old for the spanking machine, and a pinch, to grow an inch. I'm still not so sure about that. Can you really be too old for the spanking machine? Do you ever not want to grow an inch? Hmm.
Yesterday The Sounders started their 2017 season. We watched with our 2016 champions mugs and some beer. The Sounders lost, but they looked good the second half.
Last week (Monday) I headed down to Kent for tennis. There was no snow when I left and there was none really in the forecast. This blizzard came out of nowhere! I make it to Kentridge High School (who's girls basketball team won the State 4A Championships last night!) and this happened! I pulled over, called the tennis court and let them know I wasn't making it. Then spent an hour trying to get home. Crazy!

Off to birthday fun! A couple days ago Jack and Avery turned nine! Happy 9th birthday!

See you tomorrow.