Saturday, February 18, 2017


Good morning, it is Saturday.

Preston is home for a long weekend and Maren is in Boston for a short weekend. Actually Maren is helping with the AAAS Science book and film awards. She has done this for many years now. Sounds like she is having a nice time. I've received a few cool pics of the city, I'm sure more will follow. This has been a very busy week, here are a few photos:
Lillie's school had their National History Day presentations/competitions Wednesday evening. Lillie's project was on Galileo and his work with the Copernican Theory. This huge display is thanks to lots of hard work on Lillie's part.
Lillie was one of the winners. What does that mean? She and her project move on to regionals. Not sure when or where regionals will take place, but we'll be there.
Really dad? A picture? Give me a break! LOL. I also like the poster to the left in this photo: Think like a Proton & be positive!
Hansen jumped in to make such a photo much more enjoyable. Then it was off to ice-cream. Congratulations Lillie!
Speaking of Hansen, he has no idea I took this picture. This is his super cool brain beanie. Carol made it for him to wear at the Science March in a couple months. Not sure if this brain beanie is making me smarter or not... Pinkie out SpongeBob!
With archery league going on and the tournament season just around the corner, it is time to put together more arrows. Last night I was fletching arrows. A before pic.
And an after pic. A new dozen for Hansen, half a dozen for me, and several repairs to older arrows. These arrows still need to be cut down, have the tips/inserts glued in, and have the nocks replaced with pin bushings and pin nocks. Saves quite a bit of $$$ to do this stuff yourself, and it's fun.

A couple of pics of the views out of Maren's hotel room. I'm sure I will have more photos to share soon. But for now, I may work on our taxes...

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Congrats to Lillie! Cool brain beanie!

Amber said...

One does not just... make arrows.