Monday, February 06, 2017


Good morning, it is Monday.

Here is a picture out the front window. I'm in sweats and slippers, no reason to go outside in this! How do you like the Seattle Sounders Championship flag? Beats the heck out of any Patriots logo that seems to be filling my FB feeds. Can you even believe that game? The finish? Yuck!
The back yard looks even more amazing really. All the schools are closed today. Even the colleges! Preston and Hansen both get snow days as well. Maren lives by a simple and smart rule, if the school districts she would drive through to get to work are closed, she stays home. They're closed. She's home too. So yeah, quiet morning as Maren and the kids sleep in.
Hansen and Lillie won't wake up till noon today, but it is not like they didn't get to play in the snow this morning. Well, kind of. This picture of them was taken at 12:15 am. As in the middle of the night. Hansen promised Lillie he would go out in the snow with her after turning in his homework which was due by midnight. It is cool how in this digital age you simply submit your work by the end of the day and it's good.
Saturday Hansen and I participated in a Superbowl Safari archery tournament. It rained the whole time. And really, it was just a few degrees warmer in these photos than in the ones at the top of the post. This photo is the first in a trilogy.
This photo is taken from the deck that you saw Hansen standing on above. We are shooting down to a target on a little peninsula in a lake.
And the target up close after going over a little bridge. Hansen ended up shooting in the adult BHFS division and placing second!

Enjoy your snow day! See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

It looks cold there, but pretty.

Susanna Powers said...

Very pretty photos but I hope they clear off the roads so you all can drive around. have a good short week, Love, susanna

Amber said...

We're so jealous! No snow for us in a few years... in fact, we had t-shirt and flip flop weather today. Oh well.