Wednesday, January 04, 2017

New Years, Birthday, Anniversary.

Good evening, it is Wednesday.

The last few days have been a Happy, Happy, Happy! As in Happy New Years, Happy Birthday, and Happy Anniversary! So yesterday's numbers were 26 and 17. Happy 26th Anniversary Maren and Happy 17th Birthday Hansen! Both of these numbers are getting up there for sure.
One of the last outing of last year was ice-skating. How about some blue ice-skates!
The rink was very busy. I was probably twice as old as anyone else there! I guess a Saturday at 9:00pm skating time is too late for us oldies! LOL. Lillie actually said that she can't even remember a time that she went ice-skating. Is that considered a parenting fail?
Rather than doing anything far away, we just stuck around home New Years Eve. Maren went on a walking adventure with the kids after the Huskies game. They walked over to Starbucks, Sally's, and I picked them up at Walgreens. The kids had been staying up all night every night watching different TV series. They got through most of Supernatural from what I understand. I tried some of season one, but these are kind of creepy shows IMO. So I chose sleep. It's still been hard waking up to school again!
How about a super long Monopoly game? The cats took turns playing Monopoly too. Did I say eating the Monopoly game? That's what I meant.
Happy New Years! The freezing temps didn't stop neighboring houses from lighting off huge amounts of fireworks.
Preston in a Tux? Yup. But this is for school. Symphonic Band attire. Sharp huh?
Jack getting a haircut at our house? This happened on at Hansen's birthday party. Along with lots of eating pizza, opening presents, and eating cake and ice-cream.
Blowing out candles and singing Happy Birthday is all part of birthday fun.
You think it's been cold here? Yes! We are in the midst of a cold snap. It may have gotten to 34 degrees today, and tonight it will be like 18 degrees. It is every bit as cold up in Bellingham, I tried to get a picture of the snow all in the trees and on the sides of the road, but yeah, I'm also driving.
Kind of like New Year's Eve, my blog post is getting blurry. This picture should have showed up earlier. These cat emoji pillows make for strange pictures. Lillie is clearly wondering what the heck is going on...
Can't forget anniversary flowers for Maren! Flarion was thinking about knocking them down, like they were a Christmas tree. Luckily they're fine so far.
Hansen's Grumpy Cat calendar gave us this gem for our birthday/anniversary day. Perfect.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Happy New Year! Happy birthday Hansen! Happy anniversary! Stay warm!