Monday, January 16, 2017

MLK Jr. Day and more!

Good evening, it is Monday.

Hope you had a nice Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Maybe you got to turn off the news for a minute and relax. Or maybe help another human out. It was nice to have to day off as well.

We've been staying plenty busy with school and work. I can't believe I didn't blog last week. Did you know we had 3 late starts last week? Monday and Tuesday due to weather. Wednesday due to schedule. No complaining here, I can handle late start days! So can the kiddos.
Yesterday we saved a ton of money by switching to GIECO. Not really, I've just alwasy wanted to say that. Actually we saved a bunch of money by shopping 50% day at Value Village. Here Maren is proudly showing off her best find: Western Washington University T-shirt.
The night before, game night at Nana's house. With the twins. This is a selfie while playing the game, Watch Ya Mouth. Very fun game, maybe not the most hygienic. Now picture me chasing these two littles around John and Carol's house trying to yell, "kisses! kisses!" and sounding like "uuuuiiiiyyyyhhhh! uuuuiiiiyyyyhhhh!". Yeah, it was pretty fun. Scarring my niece and nephew, one dorky game at a time!
An Instant Pot! Maren's Christmas gift to herself. We baked potatoes in this thing yesterday. Cooked beans today. It is very cool. Who even needs an oven?
Here's a fun picture of Hansen and Lillie as we were off to the mall for some shopping. A couple of great kiddos for sure.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Maren gets the coolest kitchen gadgets! Great pix of the fam!

Amber said...

Lillie is too cool - love that last picture!