Saturday, January 28, 2017


Good morning, it is Saturday.

For last night's adventure, we headed down to IKEA. Why? Lillie says her only memories of IKEA were not being able to play in the ball pit and something else that I can't remember. That would be from like 10 years ago. And their ball pit back then was huge and gross. I offered to let her play in the ball pit last night, but nope, that ship has sailed.
You know IKEA, just a huge warehouse of rooms. Way too many ideas!
Sure, I could have taken photos of the Swedish meatballs, the amazing chairs, couches, art, all kinds of thing. But your last chance to use the TP on this roll...seemed like the best photo of the day:)
Actually, kids with cat pillows looking at art is better isn't it?

Guess what? John drove me down to pick up the van yesterday before this trip to IKEA. It got a new torque converter, seals, and fluid. It seemed to drive fine, maybe a little clunky at times. All covered by warranty, so yay! We were all happy to have the van back.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

I'm sitting here typing this on an IKEA chair. Glad you got the van back!

Amber said...

Aurora's been in the play area at our IKEA. She loved it, but for the sake of this blog comment let's just say it was terrible. Terrible!