Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Maren Party!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Over the weekend we got together with a bunch of other Ostergards and celebrated Maren's birthday! Maren was in Atlanta over her actual birthday weekend. But hey, you can't have too many birthday weekends, can you? Nope.
Much of the gang gathering for the party.
Maren getting ready to blow out candles. "What to wish for, what to wish for..."
The candles are out!
Yay! I got what I wished for! A Seattle Sounders Champions Hoodie. Let's leave the wishes for the world out of if for just one moment. Because. Blah.

For those wondering what an Olympic Recurve Bow looks like, Hansen has worked for a couple months assembling his new toy, and it was finally ready to go the other day:
See you tomorrow.

Saturday, January 28, 2017


Good morning, it is Saturday.

For last night's adventure, we headed down to IKEA. Why? Lillie says her only memories of IKEA were not being able to play in the ball pit and something else that I can't remember. That would be from like 10 years ago. And their ball pit back then was huge and gross. I offered to let her play in the ball pit last night, but nope, that ship has sailed.
You know IKEA, just a huge warehouse of rooms. Way too many ideas!
Sure, I could have taken photos of the Swedish meatballs, the amazing chairs, couches, art, all kinds of thing. But your last chance to use the TP on this roll...seemed like the best photo of the day:)
Actually, kids with cat pillows looking at art is better isn't it?

Guess what? John drove me down to pick up the van yesterday before this trip to IKEA. It got a new torque converter, seals, and fluid. It seemed to drive fine, maybe a little clunky at times. All covered by warranty, so yay! We were all happy to have the van back.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Women's Marches.

Good afternoon, it is Sunday.

Yesterday was quite a day huh? Maren and Mel were texing me photos from the marches they were attending. Here are a few:
Maren was working when the march in Atlanta started. But when her job was done she found the march in full swing.
The march in Seattle had this gang in the fray. Yup, that's Carol, Stef, Avery, Jack, and Melanie.
Mel sent us this sign. On social media there were so many photos of marcher and signs and such. Trump is clearly doing things, but I'm sure all the folks marching will be filling the emails of their district's representatives. I certainly can't fault anyone for being skeptical of a Trump presidency. One day into his term and the most trending term is #alternativefacts. I guess alternative facts is a fancy way to say, "we're just lying to your faces."
Here's a funny meme: It does feel like Plankton finally got the recipe to the Crabby Patty. Now what?

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Happy Birthdays! And maybe some political stuff...

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Happy Birthday Maren! Happy Birthday Mom! Yes, this blog is a couple days late to truly deliver this message, but it's not like this is the only platform for birthday wishing:) I hope you two had great birthdays!

I don't think it is out of order to mention that while having nice birthday parties, Maren was conflicted. I think her mind was going in this cycle: It's my birthday! Yay! It's President Obama's last day. Dang bleep bleep! It's my birthday! Yay! Trump takes over tomorrow. WTF! bleep bleep. It's my birthday! Yay! It's President Obama's last day. Dang bleep bleep! It's my birthday! Yay! Trump takes over tomorrow. WTF! bleep bleep. It's my birthday! Yay! It's President Obama's last day. Dang bleep bleep! It's my birthday! Yay! Trump takes over tomorrow. WTF! bleep bleep. It's my birthday! Yay!

Today Maren is in Atlanta for a work conference and watching all the Women's rallies around the country. Her mom and sisters will be in Seattle marching today as well.

How about some pictures:
This picture cracks me up. After a nice dinner with John, Carol, and the littles at The Golden Peacock, we made it home for a little birthday cupcake! My mom e-mailed me that she too had a little cupcake with a solo candle for her birthday as well. Happy Birthdays!
Flareon making packing for the ALA conference in Atlanta difficult. I thought the cat should go with her...
 Lillie's playing with the High School band! That's right, last night was senior night for the boys basketball team and the middle school band was invited to play with the big kids. Lillie loved it! With high school registration on Tuesday, this was a very clever promotional play by the band. Lillie will be signing up for band for sure! The boys basketball team? Eh, not their best year. But the girls team is one of the very best in the state and may very well be competing for the state title soon.
How about some dead van pictures? The pic on the left is the first tow. Middle of nowhere for archery club the transmission just died. Pic on the right is the second tow truck. To the dealership. Luckily this van was purchased new 10 years ago in the time of lifetime powertrain warranties. With any luck the warranty will do it's thing and we will have a running van again in a week.
I don't really know how I got all these pictures to go side by side, but I like it. Maren sent me this selfie from her time at the airport. She was wearing her pussyhat (Carol knitted several of these hats for family and friends) apparently along with many many other women who were flying out to D.C. On the right side is a photo of marchers around the country.

Sorry to make a birthday post a political post, but it is the sign of the times, and in 20 years when reading our blog book (We just received our 2016 blog book in the mail yesterday) we wouldn't want to miss out on what is what.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, January 16, 2017

MLK Jr. Day and more!

Good evening, it is Monday.

Hope you had a nice Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Maybe you got to turn off the news for a minute and relax. Or maybe help another human out. It was nice to have to day off as well.

We've been staying plenty busy with school and work. I can't believe I didn't blog last week. Did you know we had 3 late starts last week? Monday and Tuesday due to weather. Wednesday due to schedule. No complaining here, I can handle late start days! So can the kiddos.
Yesterday we saved a ton of money by switching to GIECO. Not really, I've just alwasy wanted to say that. Actually we saved a bunch of money by shopping 50% day at Value Village. Here Maren is proudly showing off her best find: Western Washington University T-shirt.
The night before, game night at Nana's house. With the twins. This is a selfie while playing the game, Watch Ya Mouth. Very fun game, maybe not the most hygienic. Now picture me chasing these two littles around John and Carol's house trying to yell, "kisses! kisses!" and sounding like "uuuuiiiiyyyyhhhh! uuuuiiiiyyyyhhhh!". Yeah, it was pretty fun. Scarring my niece and nephew, one dorky game at a time!
An Instant Pot! Maren's Christmas gift to herself. We baked potatoes in this thing yesterday. Cooked beans today. It is very cool. Who even needs an oven?
Here's a fun picture of Hansen and Lillie as we were off to the mall for some shopping. A couple of great kiddos for sure.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

New Years, Birthday, Anniversary.

Good evening, it is Wednesday.

The last few days have been a Happy, Happy, Happy! As in Happy New Years, Happy Birthday, and Happy Anniversary! So yesterday's numbers were 26 and 17. Happy 26th Anniversary Maren and Happy 17th Birthday Hansen! Both of these numbers are getting up there for sure.
One of the last outing of last year was ice-skating. How about some blue ice-skates!
The rink was very busy. I was probably twice as old as anyone else there! I guess a Saturday at 9:00pm skating time is too late for us oldies! LOL. Lillie actually said that she can't even remember a time that she went ice-skating. Is that considered a parenting fail?
Rather than doing anything far away, we just stuck around home New Years Eve. Maren went on a walking adventure with the kids after the Huskies game. They walked over to Starbucks, Sally's, and I picked them up at Walgreens. The kids had been staying up all night every night watching different TV series. They got through most of Supernatural from what I understand. I tried some of season one, but these are kind of creepy shows IMO. So I chose sleep. It's still been hard waking up to school again!
How about a super long Monopoly game? The cats took turns playing Monopoly too. Did I say eating the Monopoly game? That's what I meant.
Happy New Years! The freezing temps didn't stop neighboring houses from lighting off huge amounts of fireworks.
Preston in a Tux? Yup. But this is for school. Symphonic Band attire. Sharp huh?
Jack getting a haircut at our house? This happened on at Hansen's birthday party. Along with lots of eating pizza, opening presents, and eating cake and ice-cream.
Blowing out candles and singing Happy Birthday is all part of birthday fun.
You think it's been cold here? Yes! We are in the midst of a cold snap. It may have gotten to 34 degrees today, and tonight it will be like 18 degrees. It is every bit as cold up in Bellingham, I tried to get a picture of the snow all in the trees and on the sides of the road, but yeah, I'm also driving.
Kind of like New Year's Eve, my blog post is getting blurry. This picture should have showed up earlier. These cat emoji pillows make for strange pictures. Lillie is clearly wondering what the heck is going on...
Can't forget anniversary flowers for Maren! Flarion was thinking about knocking them down, like they were a Christmas tree. Luckily they're fine so far.
Hansen's Grumpy Cat calendar gave us this gem for our birthday/anniversary day. Perfect.

See you tomorrow.