Monday, December 19, 2016


Good evening, it is Monday.

Tonight after taking Maren out to dinner, the kids and I decided to go see Star Wars Rogue One a second time. Well, Preston had not seen it, so we used that as an excuse to go again. After the movie we headed into the mall because the kids found a new skill crane. A turtle skill crane.
Not sure why these little turtles are so awesome, but they are. They will get to hang out with the little ducks from the duck skill crane on the other side of the mall. Hey, no judging!

Right across the way from the duck skill crane was Santa's Land. That's right, where you get to see Santa. Only the hour was late and Santa is old, so he and his elves were already asleep and his land was closed up. In my desire to raise well rounded kids, I convinced them to slip through the gap in the fences so I could take their pictures. It really was no trouble, I mean, these kids are super skinny.
Hansen and Lillie were not so fond of taking a Santa-less picture, but Preston called them over.
Ho Ho No Santa, No problem. Aren't these kids the best? Yup.

See you tomorrow.

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Susanna Powers said...

Preston is Santa! I would like to have that big chair. Merry Christmas! love, susanna