Saturday, December 10, 2016

Drive awhile, and Home!

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Preston got home from college yesterday! These kids in college have the best schedules ever. Preston and Hansen are on the same schedule and both are out of school more than a week earlier than the rest of us.
What happens first thing when Preston gets home from college? Yup, he and Lillie give each other haircuts! Looking good:)
Preston's trip home from school was pretty quick and uneventful! John and Carol drove up to Bellingham without issue, picked him up, and made it back home equally easy. The weather can be really strange around here with small convergence zones, so I'm very thankful the drive for them went so well.  Maren left to work about 10 minutes before Lillie and I (which was two hours later than usual for a late start due to weather). I took this cool picture of the handrail at the school as I showed up, then saw that Maren had been trying to text me. Like a million times. With horrible pictures like this:
And ugly tweets like this:
And other things that I simply can't repeat on my blog about being stuck in the world of no alternate routes!

Yup, she hit the convergence zone. Just 10 miles from my no snow picture (but cool ice on the railing), Maren was stuck in a snowpocalypse! Hwy 18 was closed in both directions as crashes were cleared and semi trucks were chaining up. Maren was NOT a happy camper! While John, Carol, and Preston went over 220 miles in like 5 hours with relative ease, Maren went like 20 miles in 4 hours with the total lack of fun. Doh! Maren did make it home, as did all us. Yay.

See you tomorrow.

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