Sunday, December 04, 2016


Good evening, it is Sunday.

We are on snow watch for the first time in awhile. Will be going to boot camp tomorrow morning? School? Work? Who knows! Sure, they're only talking 2 inches of snow, but that can do wonders around these parts. I can say that it is already freezing outside. Brrrr.

Saturday Maren and I joined our Bootcamp friends for a 5K run/walk. The Reindeer Dash.
This is our group. One regular is not pictured, but really, this is the bootcamp group that we see a few times per week. I pretty much ran the whole thing. A couple of others did as well. Maren and Thahn did a great job running and walking on an off for the whole distance.
The night before, Maren and Lillie joined a bunch of other family girls for a painting/wine party. Lillie did the painting, and Maren drank the wine. LOL. Lillie could have painted and painted and painted. These paintings turned out great!
While the girls were out painting Jack, Hansen, John, and I went out on the town. Kind of. If you call roaming around Big 5, getting candy from Big Lots, eating MacDonalds, then watching Harry Potter at home going out on the town, then yes, that's what we did. Jack gives everything in any picture he is in bunny ears these days. Here's bunny ears on your soda!
Last night Hansen and I went to Kentlake's production of A Christmas Story. I can only say amazing! The staging is amazing, the acting is great, and the whole production was spot on the money. This is the best $12.00 in theater monies I've spent in a long time.

See you tomorrow. Snow day?!?

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Ellen said...

Love the paintings! I've always thought that high school and college plays are just as much fun to watch as professional productions. They have a great energy.