Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah!

Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas, or are still enjoying Chanukah!

We hung out at John and Carol's house on Christmas Eve, then just stayed home Christmas Day. The following are pictures from John and Carol's house.
 Jack is always a blur.
 There are no great pictures of everyone together (at least on my phone), so this picture, I choose Lillie!
 Everyone is busy opening presents.
 Before dinner and presents we did a white elephant gift exchange. This year the gift was socks. There were some pretty good socks to choose from, but I will admit, the Ostergard family is not too fond of stealing other's gifts. LOL!
Cat fingertip. Whoa. Lots of fun had by all. After dinner we attended the 7:30 pm church service. Christmas Eve Service is always quite a service. Christmas started a little later this year at our house. Why? Teenagers and beyond are the kids these days. Maren and I woke up around 9:30am and had to wait to open presents until the kids woke up at 11:00am. For the record, I'm good with the late start, while the 5:00am starts were magical and exciting, sleep is good too!
Chanukah began on the 24th. We do have the menorah my grandfather gave us. Happy Chanukah!
Costco golf balls in this blog? Sure, they are the hottest thing in the golf world. Costco is offering a tour quality golf ball for $30.00 for a double dozen. This is crazy cheap. Two dozen Titleist tour golf balls would be $100.00. Anyhow, Costco's website crashed and these balls sold out in 10 minutes online, and really never made it to stores. But not everyone knows just what a deal these balls are. In fact, I found a brand new unopened double dozen at a second hand sports store this morning for only $10.99. I could sell them right now for $65.00 on eBay, but I will keep these for summer time!

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Downtown Day!

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Today is the first day of Chanukah. Happy Chanukah to all our Jewish family and friends!

Yesterday was a long awaited day. Downtown Seattle! The 5th Avenue! Sheraton Gingerbread castles! The Cheesecake Factory! Yay!
We started out at the 5th Avenue Theater to see The Lillie Mermaid. What an amazing show! I'd have to say that the first half of the show was probably the most amazing anything I've ever seen at this theater. The second half may have been rushed just a little, but what a musical!
Here's the crew on the way to find our seats. We were up in the balcony zone this performance, but the front row of the balcony. Great seats for sure.
Gratuitous selfie attempt.
After a great dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, it was off to see the gingerbread houses. What's a little hour plus line to the patient? Nothing. Here are just some of the pictures of the amazing gingerbread houses. There was one for each book. And the backs of these houses were just as amazing as the fronts:

There was even a sorting hat at the end of the show. Two of us were Gryffindor, two of us were Ravenclaw, and one of us was Slytherin. I won't tell you who of us were put in the Slytherin house, but I will tell you that earlier in the week Mel, Carol, and Avery were put in the same house as Maren. And all four of them were sorely offended.
Check out this super cool Christmas Tree complete with scarf, glasses, sorting hat, and scar. My kids were not up for a picture in front of this tree, but it was too cool to not get a photo. I have no idea who these kids are, but you got to love an older brother choking the life out of his younger brother just so mom could get their 703rd picture of the night. Hah!

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas/Cat Tree.

Good evening, it is Wednesday.

Do you remember how badly Flareon destroyed our Christmas Tree? Well, if you forgot, here is a picture:
No, I didn't bend the tree! Flareon did that. And in this picture you can see him attacking the tree again. Yes, there can be no ornaments on this tree...or else. This cat does not deserve good things, but our family does not deserve this^^^.
Look what Maren and I found at Costco this evening. We decided we would just replace the Christmas Tree with a cat tree. I know, I know, horrible! It was fun pushing this cart past the food court and to the car. This like 3 year old girl eating with her parents was looking in awe at this tower. Her parents said to her, "what do you think that is for? A cat!" I said, "No, it is so big, I'm going to climb on it as soon as we get it home!" She was like, "Wow!" I know, dork of the year. No judging:)
Flareon loves this thing. He has not left it since we got it set up. The kids have great video and pictures already. The tower really works fine in this house. I just shake my head, can't believe we have this kitten/cat/thing, and that we now have this tower. Oh snap.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, December 19, 2016


Good evening, it is Monday.

Tonight after taking Maren out to dinner, the kids and I decided to go see Star Wars Rogue One a second time. Well, Preston had not seen it, so we used that as an excuse to go again. After the movie we headed into the mall because the kids found a new skill crane. A turtle skill crane.
Not sure why these little turtles are so awesome, but they are. They will get to hang out with the little ducks from the duck skill crane on the other side of the mall. Hey, no judging!

Right across the way from the duck skill crane was Santa's Land. That's right, where you get to see Santa. Only the hour was late and Santa is old, so he and his elves were already asleep and his land was closed up. In my desire to raise well rounded kids, I convinced them to slip through the gap in the fences so I could take their pictures. It really was no trouble, I mean, these kids are super skinny.
Hansen and Lillie were not so fond of taking a Santa-less picture, but Preston called them over.
Ho Ho No Santa, No problem. Aren't these kids the best? Yup.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Rogue One!

Good evening, it is Saturday.

Last night: Rogue One.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, then the force is simply not with you. Yesterday was opening day of the new Star Wars movie "Rogue One". It is an interesting movie that kind of fills the gap between "Revenge Of The Sith" and "A New Hope". No spoiler alert here, I really liked the movie!
A Lillie and Hansen picture in front of the big Rogue One display.
And one with the rest of the group. Well, us oldies are not in the photo...
Is this a downed Darth Vader from the latest movie? Nope. This is our front yard. Darth is deflated and under a small layer of snow. Fitting really.
This isn't Star Wars! Even better, this is Lillie's band performing at the winter concert. The 8th grade band sounds great. Lillie is playing the trombone, and is seated above the piano in this picture.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Drive awhile, and Home!

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Preston got home from college yesterday! These kids in college have the best schedules ever. Preston and Hansen are on the same schedule and both are out of school more than a week earlier than the rest of us.
What happens first thing when Preston gets home from college? Yup, he and Lillie give each other haircuts! Looking good:)
Preston's trip home from school was pretty quick and uneventful! John and Carol drove up to Bellingham without issue, picked him up, and made it back home equally easy. The weather can be really strange around here with small convergence zones, so I'm very thankful the drive for them went so well.  Maren left to work about 10 minutes before Lillie and I (which was two hours later than usual for a late start due to weather). I took this cool picture of the handrail at the school as I showed up, then saw that Maren had been trying to text me. Like a million times. With horrible pictures like this:
And ugly tweets like this:
And other things that I simply can't repeat on my blog about being stuck in the world of no alternate routes!

Yup, she hit the convergence zone. Just 10 miles from my no snow picture (but cool ice on the railing), Maren was stuck in a snowpocalypse! Hwy 18 was closed in both directions as crashes were cleared and semi trucks were chaining up. Maren was NOT a happy camper! While John, Carol, and Preston went over 220 miles in like 5 hours with relative ease, Maren went like 20 miles in 4 hours with the total lack of fun. Doh! Maren did make it home, as did all us. Yay.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, December 09, 2016

Snow morning.

Good morning, it is Friday.

This morning I'm typing at the exact time I should be on the road to drop Lillie off for school. Why? Two hour late start thanks to snow. The snow rolled in last night and we've had a few little snow episodes the last week.
Here is what it looks like right now. This is Maren getting ready to drive into work the other day. While this doesn't look bad to some parts of the world, around here the hills deliver cars into nearby ditches all morning long with this kind of snow. Luckily Maren came home shortly after this picture was taken as cars decided going down a local hill was not the smartest idea.
This morning it is warming up. The last few days were not the case. Here is my car the other day at a brisk 26 degrees. I had to pry the doors open and warm up the van for like 15 minutes just to loosen the ice up enough to scrape the windows easily.
This is my favorite picture of the post. At lunch the other day my co-workers and I were talking Salisbury Steak for some reason. This picture reminds me of my childhood! Next time I'm out at the grocery store I'm checking to see if you can still buy Salisbury Steak TV dinners. If so, sign me up!

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, December 04, 2016


Good evening, it is Sunday.

We are on snow watch for the first time in awhile. Will be going to boot camp tomorrow morning? School? Work? Who knows! Sure, they're only talking 2 inches of snow, but that can do wonders around these parts. I can say that it is already freezing outside. Brrrr.

Saturday Maren and I joined our Bootcamp friends for a 5K run/walk. The Reindeer Dash.
This is our group. One regular is not pictured, but really, this is the bootcamp group that we see a few times per week. I pretty much ran the whole thing. A couple of others did as well. Maren and Thahn did a great job running and walking on an off for the whole distance.
The night before, Maren and Lillie joined a bunch of other family girls for a painting/wine party. Lillie did the painting, and Maren drank the wine. LOL. Lillie could have painted and painted and painted. These paintings turned out great!
While the girls were out painting Jack, Hansen, John, and I went out on the town. Kind of. If you call roaming around Big 5, getting candy from Big Lots, eating MacDonalds, then watching Harry Potter at home going out on the town, then yes, that's what we did. Jack gives everything in any picture he is in bunny ears these days. Here's bunny ears on your soda!
Last night Hansen and I went to Kentlake's production of A Christmas Story. I can only say amazing! The staging is amazing, the acting is great, and the whole production was spot on the money. This is the best $12.00 in theater monies I've spent in a long time.

See you tomorrow. Snow day?!?