Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving.

Good morning, it is Friday.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving yesterday. We hope you did as well! Here are a few pics:
Hanging with cousins. Even more cousins showed up after this picture was taken. Yes, this is at John and Carol's house.
Getting dinner ready. I'm thinking leftovers may even be on the menu for today if we're lucky.
Susan, Melanie, Maren, and Stef.
More cousins. The game room was a hit for sure. We originally had thought this group may end up walking over to our house (only a few blocks from John and Carol) but that never happened as they had plenty of fun. There were a couple of football games on the TV for folks wanting to watch. Lots of food. A very nice time indeed.
When we got home we set up the Christmas Tree. Then the kids slept under the tree. Yes, that is Flarion sitting in the very middle of the tree. I'm thinking no ornaments this year. Doh.

Now we are just hanging out waiting for the Apple Cup to start. We did a little online shopping, but no driving to the malls for this guy...

See you tomorrow.


Susanna Powers said...

thanks for posting these cute photos! everyone is getting very mature. have a fun weekend! love, susanna & johnny

Ellen said...

Great pictures! Oh, that Flareon!