Friday, November 11, 2016

A Preston Visit (yay!) and a Bitter Box of Doughnuts (groan).

Good morning, it is Friday.

Happy Veterans Day to all the veterans I know. Even if you don't know me and you're a veteran, Happy Veterans Day to you!

What have I done so far as apposed to going to work? Got my blood drawn. I am curious to see how much better my blood work is since starting Boot Camp over a year ago. Sure, I'm shorter and heavier (I don't believe either of these, but that's what was measured) but I have got to be in better shape.

Last weekend Preston came home for the weekend and we had a very nice visit. We all miss him, but are very happy his is having a great time off in college land.
Right when he walked in the door Flareon jumped on his box and said hi. If Preston was expecting a nice little kitten, we don't have one of those anymore...
These three spent lots of time together going to malls, watching movies, and just having fun.
John and Carol took the whole gang out to breakfast last Sunday morning as Preston headed back to school that afternoon. Ihop is always Iyum!
At first you'd think this is a great picture of huge doughnuts. And it is, but it was purchased for election night where the polls and the feelings of the time thought we'd be celebrating the first female to be elected president, and a country on a further path to equality for all humans. As with half the country, we watched in disbelief as the voters turned out and did exactly the opposite of what the polls would have you believe. We still had a doughnut or two, but the champagne never got opened. I'm still in utter shock. But what happened happened. And so the fight continues...

See you tomorrow.


Rob said...

I had a feeling there was a large shadow vote for Trump - people who felt it was politically incorrect to admit they were going to vote for Trump. Still, I was shocked that Trump won, I think he was too.

Susanna Powers said...

We were at the beach, and when things started going bad on Tuesday night, I felt like throwing myself off the 6th floor balcony. I was very sorrowful, and into the next morning too. Johnny cheered me up and we continued to adjust. I said yesterday it feels like we are now living in the alternate universe on Fringe. We should not give up on the ideals of getting past racism etc., maybe it's just harder, we'll see, it might not be as bad as it seems now. love, susanna

Bernice said...

I think we were all in a state of shock at Trump being our next President. But it is
true and we have to live with it and pray that something positive will come during
these next 4 years.