Monday, November 28, 2016

Nice Things.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Last night I drove Preston and Nick back to Western to finish up the quarter. It was a nice visit, and Preston will probably be back home in just a couple of weeks. While Preston was home we set up the tree. The same reasons we can't have lights or ornaments on the tree is the same reason we can't have nice things:
On his way to eating all the candy canes on the tree.
Resting in the tree.
Knocking off the very last ornament.

This is not to say that Flareon doesn't like the tree. He loves the tree. It's his toy. Hopefully he outgrows this stage some day so we can have a nice tree with lights again. Some folks say that Flareon is our nice thing, and we need no other nice things. Hmm...

See you tomorrow.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving.

Good morning, it is Friday.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving yesterday. We hope you did as well! Here are a few pics:
Hanging with cousins. Even more cousins showed up after this picture was taken. Yes, this is at John and Carol's house.
Getting dinner ready. I'm thinking leftovers may even be on the menu for today if we're lucky.
Susan, Melanie, Maren, and Stef.
More cousins. The game room was a hit for sure. We originally had thought this group may end up walking over to our house (only a few blocks from John and Carol) but that never happened as they had plenty of fun. There were a couple of football games on the TV for folks wanting to watch. Lots of food. A very nice time indeed.
When we got home we set up the Christmas Tree. Then the kids slept under the tree. Yes, that is Flarion sitting in the very middle of the tree. I'm thinking no ornaments this year. Doh.

Now we are just hanging out waiting for the Apple Cup to start. We did a little online shopping, but no driving to the malls for this guy...

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Good evening, it is Wednesday.

Last week we participated in the HOME Project sponsored by our church. We've done this for many years now. The program feeds and provides shelter for homeless men in the area. There are usually around 20 at the site. We serve dinner and pack lunches.
I'm behind the camera in this picture, this is the group we volunteered with for the HOME Project.

Speaking of home, Preston is home for Thanksgiving. He and his siblings have been out on the town enjoying their time together. Since Lillie had half days the last two days, we just didn't worry about bed times or anything. Just enjoying family. Why half days? Conferences. I will say that Lillie got glowing praise from her teachers. Some of the best conferences I've ever listened to. Nice going Lillie!

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! We will be staying close to home and eating a bunch of Turkey for sure.

The Apple Cup is on Friday. I may have a bet or two on this game:) I'm betting the Huskies will be beating the WSU Cougars on Saturday. If you want a little action, leave me a message. Go Huskies!

See you tomorrow.
P.S. Here is a cat who likes hanging out in the sink. What a weirdy...

Friday, November 11, 2016

A Preston Visit (yay!) and a Bitter Box of Doughnuts (groan).

Good morning, it is Friday.

Happy Veterans Day to all the veterans I know. Even if you don't know me and you're a veteran, Happy Veterans Day to you!

What have I done so far as apposed to going to work? Got my blood drawn. I am curious to see how much better my blood work is since starting Boot Camp over a year ago. Sure, I'm shorter and heavier (I don't believe either of these, but that's what was measured) but I have got to be in better shape.

Last weekend Preston came home for the weekend and we had a very nice visit. We all miss him, but are very happy his is having a great time off in college land.
Right when he walked in the door Flareon jumped on his box and said hi. If Preston was expecting a nice little kitten, we don't have one of those anymore...
These three spent lots of time together going to malls, watching movies, and just having fun.
John and Carol took the whole gang out to breakfast last Sunday morning as Preston headed back to school that afternoon. Ihop is always Iyum!
At first you'd think this is a great picture of huge doughnuts. And it is, but it was purchased for election night where the polls and the feelings of the time thought we'd be celebrating the first female to be elected president, and a country on a further path to equality for all humans. As with half the country, we watched in disbelief as the voters turned out and did exactly the opposite of what the polls would have you believe. We still had a doughnut or two, but the champagne never got opened. I'm still in utter shock. But what happened happened. And so the fight continues...

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Lydia and Bettlejuice!

Good evening, it is Thursday.

Did you see the game last night? Huh? What game you ask? The 7th game of the World Series. The Cubs broke an 108 year drought. What was the world like 108 years ago, the last time the Cubs won the World Series? How the heck should I know, that was like 61 years before I was born! Congrats Cubs!

Did I show you Hansen's and Lillie's Halloween Costumes yet?
Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Hansen is Beetlejuice and Lillie is Lydia. Great costumes for sure.
I think there are better photos of their costumes on other phones in the world. Those better pictures have been tweeted and snapchatted around the world, but you just get my expert photo skills.
Custard. We checked out the grand opening of a local Custard shop. I think the flavors are from left to right: Pumpkin, coffee, and cotton candy. Check this out, Maren got hit by a car on the way out of the restaurant. But no car is as tough as Maren. Maren actually had the side mirror hit her shoulder from a van driving too fast in the parking lot. Maren is just fine, she folded closed the van mirror wiht her shoulder, then the van continued into a parking spot and opened its doors into, and denting the neighboring pick-up truck. Crazy huh? Yup.

See you tomorrow.