Thursday, October 13, 2016

Man Of La Mancha.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

I had a nice birthday week! Thanks for the birthday wishes:) Happy Birthday to Eric as well. My two days of being two years older than him have passed. Back to one year older...
Maren brought me to Man Of La Mancha at the 5th Ave for my birthday. It was a very good show, the set was more contemporary than what you may have in your mind, but I enjoyed it very much. Man Of La Mancha is an even more special play than others [for me] as I have Grandpa Sandler's Don Quixote and Sancho Sanza statues on my mantle. Don Quixote's spear still has tape holding it together from when Eric and I destroyed it by flinging pillows at each other on our Florida visit like 35 years ago. Sigh. Today I'm not sad about that accident in the least, because without it, broken Don Quixote wouldn't have been forever linked to me, and he probably wouldn't be standing on my mantle right now...

Other exciting things to happen on my birthday? Credit card fraud. I know right. Yesterday the new cards came in the mail. Along with new numbers. And the task of figuring what accounts I have linked to said card. Groan. And my iphone 5 died. So I hooked my iphone 4 back up for a couple of days. I've since hooked up Hansen's old Samsung 4, which is working out pretty well. I could just go out and pick up a new phone, but I'm feeling a bit cheap. And at my age, I do what I want...preferably without an added monthly cost:)
Yesterday Lillie and I took advantage of the nice weather (which is long gone) to check out a local u-pick pumpkin patch. It was a bit rural so to say, but we had a great time. We found 5 pumpkins of differing colors and sizes. We also picked up a corn stalk and a jar of honey. The corn stalk is super cool!
Pumpkins can be dangerous!
This is the latest wallpaper on my Facebook feed. This picture was photoshopped by a graphic art student at my school. The teacher asked for photos we thought the kids may enjoy photoshopping, and I sent one of me spray painting a dresser in the back yard. In the original I'm even facing the opposite direction.  I like this photo!

I hope all my east coast family have survived Matthew just fine. We have the remnants of a typhoon on track to visit our area over the weekend!

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Glad you had a nice birthday week. How cool that you got to see Man of La Mancha! I saw it with my father in Coral Gables when I was young. And yes, every time I visited my father and saw the statues, you came to mind.

Amber said...

I hope that one day you can look back at the credit card fraud and broken phone with the same fondness as you do that statue... HBD, big bro!!! And HBD to my other big bro, wherever he may be in this world.