Sunday, October 09, 2016


Good morning, it is Sunday.

Last night was Hansen's Homecoming Dance Jr. Year. The night before was his school's Homecoming Football game. And tomorrow's my birthday, so yeah, it's been a fun weekend.
Of course it's been raining. Nothing like those in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, hope you're all doing well! This is a photo one of the other parents took of the group Hansen went to dinner with. There we a few "couples" here, but for the most part this is just one big group of friends.
Just the guys. Hansen is second from the left. I'll spare you from the picture of them all "dabbing". LOL.
Right after snapping the guys picture, I just turned around and snapped this one of the girls staying dry and waiting their turn. The thing that cracks me up about this picture is the little sister on the right having absolutely zero fun!
The night before was the football game. Before the start the Cross Country team ran the game ball from the school to the field (10 miles). A few ran the whole was, others just a leg or two. Hansen has been sidelined with a sore knee, but he did join them for the lap around the track. By game time the stands were filled and KL beat the Tahoma team quite easily.
This is the trophy for the Covington Cup golf tournament. I've been helping coach the KL golf team this season. I took the Varsity boys to the final event. While the coach of a golf team doesn't do too much coaching on match day, I'm happy to report that under my watch the boys varsity team had the best scoring day of any KL team in the history of the school! Nice job guys.
Maren sent me this picture of her work retreat from the other day. Had to post this one on the blog!
After getting Hansen on the way to his Homecoming pictures/dinner/dance, it was off to a small birthday party for me. Yay! Here is Avery showing off the SpongeBob card she picked out for me. The video is even better! 

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Wow, what a bunch of great looking young people - and one disgruntled younger person! Congrats to the KL golf team! Nice Sponge Bob card - we hope the one we sent got there okay.

Susanna Powers said...

Happy Birthday Julian!! Love, susanna & johnny