Sunday, September 18, 2016


Good morning, it is Sunday.
I don't know if you can see how amazing Mt. Rainier looks in this picture. On a clear day it just looks like you can reach out and grab it. This was my view Thursday as I coached the Boys JV golf team at Druid's Glen. I've been helping the golf team once a week with golf swings and such, but was able to get out to the course which was fun.
I even got a cool Team golf hat and matcher shirt to sport. I will probably return the shirt, but the hat is a keeper.
Last night I took Lillie out for a quick shopping trip to Fred Meyers. We had lots of fun, but my jacket still has glitter thanks to a glitter attack. Lillie especially likes the Halloween isle. And cats. No, we didn't adopt this creepy little guy, but we may have a new little skeleton gecko lurking about.
Hansen was off in Oregon with his cross country team over the weekend. I found this picture on FB. Normally Hansen would have been covered in mud as well, but a sore knee has sidelined him for a little while.
Speaking of Hansen, Maren's co-worker brought her the National Archery Association Magazine with Hansen's photo from the National Field Tournament. Yup, That's Hansen with a trophy!

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Nice hat, cat, and Hansen pic!