Friday, September 02, 2016

Back to School.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Looking at my last post, I feel like we lived a whole summer since then. And now summer is over. Since then Preston had his wisdom teeth removed. Oral surgery. Fun! I'm sorry, but I won't post day of photos or videos. That doesn't mean we don't have them:) But no, we didn't convince Preston of impending Zombie troubles. But he did have uncooperative arms. I also played in a golf tournament with a large group of fellas and we spent some time school shopping. Then a last hurrah vacation at the ocean, and now school is back in session for Lillie and me.
Lillie's first day of school pic. Sorry Maren, I wasn't able to straighten out this picture on the computer. The phone is so much easier these days. The boys have different schedules thanks to University and Running Start. So yesterday's first day back was just for Lillie and me.
We spent the last few days before school at Ocean Shores. Who knew what great Pokestops Ocean Shores was? Hansen is taking over a Pokegym while surviving the jaws of a Shark!
Lillie stopping to take some pictures on the walk to the beach. I have some nice photos from this visit for sure, but the kids no doubt have even nicer pics on their own phones.
Bowling! These bowling shoes were so comfortable! Really. Maybe the best $3.50 I spent the entire trip? Here Preston just got a STRIKE!
Preston and I hit the driving range while Hansen and Lillie got a start on kite flying.
A two string kite designed for tricks. I really didn't think Hansen would be so good at flying the thing so fast! By the time we got back from the golf course Hansen could do any and every stunt imaginable. Next year, a faster kite...
Lillie takes a turn at kite flying.
Sand Castles.
Maren was on the look out for sand castle finds. This crab became the dragon that was protecting the outskirts of the sand kingdom.
How cute are we? Welp, I'm off to work in a few. Looking forward to next summer...

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Looks like a nice visit to Ocean Shores and a great way to end the summer. Have a great school year! (We're still in Austin - our condo hasn't sold yet, which is probably just as well since there's a hurricane in Florida.)

Susanna Powers said...

Everybody looks happy! Maren looks great in those sunglasses. love, susanna