Saturday, September 10, 2016

Back to School II.

Good evening, it is Saturday.

I just got home from dropping Preston off at WWU for the beginning of year two of university. This year Preston and a few friends are renting an old house a half mile off campus. They say they will actually be closer to the area with the classrooms than they were last year while in the dorms.
While classes don't start for a week and a half, The roommates have been moving in. Connor was there today to help Preston move in. Negations on room assignments, cooking, cleaning, and all that fun stuff involving home rentership will surely be part of the experience.
They do have a cool front porch!
Since Preston will be at school for his birthday, John and Carol took us out for dinner last night. We will all miss Preston while he is away from school. It was nice having him home. This super cool 8th grader on Preston's right just may miss him the most...
Maren was in Denver for a work trip earlier in the week. While she was gone Flareon learned that he could jump onto the table that holds Maren's favorite Christmas Cactus. Of course Flareon doesn't care that in doing so he totally wipes out the plant! I'm sure Maren loved this picture that I texted her while on her work trip. Uh Oh...
I took Preston and Hansen golfing last week. This is my favorite hole at out local golf course, so I asked Preston to take a picture of my follow through. This picture was also on my phone. Hansen doing his best Happy Gilmore imitation. Nice!

See you tomorrow.

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