Monday, September 19, 2016

Happy Birthday! Another first day of school...

Good morning, it is Monday.

Happy Birthday Preston!!! Our oldest is twenty years old. Wow. And for the first time he is off at college before his no pinch. Hah.
Here's a few balloons from a dozen years ago Preston!
I hope your college buddies can party as well as the cul-de-sac kids could! Hah. This is not a challenge:) Enjoy your day kiddo!
Hansen started school this morning! As a running start student, he no longer attends the high school, instead it is college for this kiddo too. First day at Green River College and a whole new way of schooling.
Have a great day Hansen!

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Good morning, it is Sunday.
I don't know if you can see how amazing Mt. Rainier looks in this picture. On a clear day it just looks like you can reach out and grab it. This was my view Thursday as I coached the Boys JV golf team at Druid's Glen. I've been helping the golf team once a week with golf swings and such, but was able to get out to the course which was fun.
I even got a cool Team golf hat and matcher shirt to sport. I will probably return the shirt, but the hat is a keeper.
Last night I took Lillie out for a quick shopping trip to Fred Meyers. We had lots of fun, but my jacket still has glitter thanks to a glitter attack. Lillie especially likes the Halloween isle. And cats. No, we didn't adopt this creepy little guy, but we may have a new little skeleton gecko lurking about.
Hansen was off in Oregon with his cross country team over the weekend. I found this picture on FB. Normally Hansen would have been covered in mud as well, but a sore knee has sidelined him for a little while.
Speaking of Hansen, Maren's co-worker brought her the National Archery Association Magazine with Hansen's photo from the National Field Tournament. Yup, That's Hansen with a trophy!

See you tomorrow.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Mini Pics?

Good evening, it is Monday.

Today was a day of days for Lillie! She has been wanting a super short haircut for a very long time. And I guess I've maybe talked her out of it for some time. It was time. And does she ever love this new haircut!
I tried to take some cute pics of Lillie's hair, but I'm just not so great at the photography thing. But I did get this cute photo of Lillie taking selfies of her new style. Then Lillie texted me the pics she took:
Kind of like a mini photo booth. I was asking Hansen what it was called, I want to say Mini-Pose. I'm sure my mom called these mini-pose? He thinks that's a Slane word and photo-booth is more like it. I'm just not sure. I feel sure, but now I'm not...
This collection of nail polish also arrived in the mail for Lillie today. This was quite a splurge, but nail art is Lillie's soccer. Or Lillie's archery. So once in a while, why not. This nail polish set is actually based on her very favorite TV series. Supernatural. I've not really ever see the show, but it is so good that Lillie actually bought a nail polish set based on it. So yeah. I'm looking forward to seeing the nail art. I'm thinking that Lillie may stay up all night long with nails and hair, but I just can't be worried about that. Of course, being the excellent student that she is, she is working on science right now. In conclusion...

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Back to School II.

Good evening, it is Saturday.

I just got home from dropping Preston off at WWU for the beginning of year two of university. This year Preston and a few friends are renting an old house a half mile off campus. They say they will actually be closer to the area with the classrooms than they were last year while in the dorms.
While classes don't start for a week and a half, The roommates have been moving in. Connor was there today to help Preston move in. Negations on room assignments, cooking, cleaning, and all that fun stuff involving home rentership will surely be part of the experience.
They do have a cool front porch!
Since Preston will be at school for his birthday, John and Carol took us out for dinner last night. We will all miss Preston while he is away from school. It was nice having him home. This super cool 8th grader on Preston's right just may miss him the most...
Maren was in Denver for a work trip earlier in the week. While she was gone Flareon learned that he could jump onto the table that holds Maren's favorite Christmas Cactus. Of course Flareon doesn't care that in doing so he totally wipes out the plant! I'm sure Maren loved this picture that I texted her while on her work trip. Uh Oh...
I took Preston and Hansen golfing last week. This is my favorite hole at out local golf course, so I asked Preston to take a picture of my follow through. This picture was also on my phone. Hansen doing his best Happy Gilmore imitation. Nice!

See you tomorrow.

Friday, September 02, 2016

Back to School.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Looking at my last post, I feel like we lived a whole summer since then. And now summer is over. Since then Preston had his wisdom teeth removed. Oral surgery. Fun! I'm sorry, but I won't post day of photos or videos. That doesn't mean we don't have them:) But no, we didn't convince Preston of impending Zombie troubles. But he did have uncooperative arms. I also played in a golf tournament with a large group of fellas and we spent some time school shopping. Then a last hurrah vacation at the ocean, and now school is back in session for Lillie and me.
Lillie's first day of school pic. Sorry Maren, I wasn't able to straighten out this picture on the computer. The phone is so much easier these days. The boys have different schedules thanks to University and Running Start. So yesterday's first day back was just for Lillie and me.
We spent the last few days before school at Ocean Shores. Who knew what great Pokestops Ocean Shores was? Hansen is taking over a Pokegym while surviving the jaws of a Shark!
Lillie stopping to take some pictures on the walk to the beach. I have some nice photos from this visit for sure, but the kids no doubt have even nicer pics on their own phones.
Bowling! These bowling shoes were so comfortable! Really. Maybe the best $3.50 I spent the entire trip? Here Preston just got a STRIKE!
Preston and I hit the driving range while Hansen and Lillie got a start on kite flying.
A two string kite designed for tricks. I really didn't think Hansen would be so good at flying the thing so fast! By the time we got back from the golf course Hansen could do any and every stunt imaginable. Next year, a faster kite...
Lillie takes a turn at kite flying.
Sand Castles.
Maren was on the look out for sand castle finds. This crab became the dragon that was protecting the outskirts of the sand kingdom.
How cute are we? Welp, I'm off to work in a few. Looking forward to next summer...

See you tomorrow.