Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Just Ducky.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Summer is almost over! We have been school shopping the last couple of days and the last hurrahs of summer are the next couple of weeks. We will get to those last hurrahs as we get there, but I do have plenty of photos to share from the last week:

Weird I tried to click one photo to post, and all of them just went "bang" and flew into my post in random order. Let's go with it...
 I found this book at Value Village yesterday. Sometimes I look in front covers to see who random books were signed to or whatever. This one caught my eye. We do donate books to schools and to thrift stores, so I'm not surprised to find an old one in the mix. Lillie didn't feel like buying it back, but it is a fun picture.
 Instead of buying a children's book back. Let's full speed it into teen-dom. Lillie got a cartage ear piercing to go with her regular ear piercings. I think it looks pretty cool!
 Of course, this duck skill crane is the kid's favorite way to waste money on the entire planet. Quack quack-quack. quackity quack quack...
 Ugh, this picture is sideways! This belongs in the "things I find on the floor when coming downstairs in the morning" category. I did save the bug!
 This wasn't too far from the bug. What a great chess set! Super Mario! I guess chess is a game that is very hard to play with Flareon in the house these days...
 We do get out for bike rides once in awhile.
 Check out our newly paved culdesac! This picture is not in order as you will see in a minute. I will say that i didn't every think they would actually fix the road. In reality they only fixed it half way, but it looks good from here.
 Stopping at a Poke-stop.
 And the no road in the culdesac picture. I was getting a bit of anxiety this day. There was no way to leave as they wouldn't let us move the cars for a bit, and the road machines were shaking the house. I kicked back and watched the Olympics.
 I don't think Preston will be finishing this bowl of cereal. Hi Flareon.
 Summer project complete! I replaced the flooring in the kids bathroom last week. It went quite smoothly. The toilet installed perfectly and it looks pretty good. Like all the home projects in this house, you get what you pay for. Doh! Yup, an expert may find the imperfections, but I'll never tell.
 The before picture.
 Maren and I got to spend a nice evening with Judy at the Tacoma Rainiers AAA baseball game.
 The kids tie-dyeing some shirts. Every once in awhile the go off to the craft store and come home with a fun project.
Not sure how this computer gaming is going for this cat whisperer...

See you tomorrow.


Bernice said...

Great photos - lots of fun projects. But I don't know what kind of earring Lillie is
getting. Inform this old lady about the new teenaqe trends. You have such great kids Julian
and Maren.......................

Ellen said...

Looks like it was a nice night for a Rainiers game. We always enjoy minor league baseball.