Saturday, August 06, 2016

A Cat Nap.

Good afternoon, it is Saturday.

This week has flown by. Quite literally for Maren. She was in California for a training the first half of the week.
The rest of us have been entertaining a very minky kitten. Here I'm getting my ear eaten.
Better check the washing machine before starting a load of laundry!
Jack can be almost as minky as the kitten. Put these three together and BOOM!
Of course you can't just go and go and go and go. Got to take a nap once in a while. Preston apparently took this picture and sent it to Maren. No, I don't read big cat books! Who doesn't enjoy a little cat nap?
Then Lillie took this one. No, the kids don't usually photograph my naps. It must be Flareon...
Carol picked up supplies to make Rio 2016 shirts in honor of the Olympics. Preston and Lillie did a great job with all the rings and the words on their shirts.
Once the rings were done, I personalized a couple of shirts for Jack and Avery.
This morning was a friend's pickleball tournament. Preston and I both played. After a slow start my partner and I went on a very good run. We went through the looser's bracket and made it to the final match. We even beat the champions in the first match (2 of 3) to take it to the grand finals. But age caught up with us and my partner was cramping up. We were pretty happy with second.
The podium. That's me on the left.
Just before getting ready to blog, we heard a loud, "ssssscccccrrrrreeeeettttcccchhhhh BOOM!" Yup, another car in the ditch behind our house. No one was hurt and after an hour they had friends in a truck pull them out. This happens a few times a year, pretty amazing really.

Happy 4th Birthday Clark! I'm sure Clark would be as minky as Flareon if given the chance. Hope you're having a great birthday!

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

It's great seeing the word minky in your post. It describes Flareon perfectly! (and Clark.) It got Dad and me talking about the word minky and I said I thought it must be a Slane word that we used when the kids were little. I looked it up on Google and sure enough, it's not there as an adjective. Dad went even farther and said that I invented it! Ha! Congrats on the pickleball tournament! You probably shouldn't set up a lemonade stand in that spot behind your house.

Amber said...

Mom totally invented the word minky, at least in this context Made me laugh when I read it - even more so when I saw her comment! I'm not sure it's how I'd normally describe Clark, but put him together with Jack and Flareon and I'm sure it would be. Clark wants a puppy. He snoops on the neighbor's dog out the window everyday and he's been enjoying is time with Finley, but he wants his own. (Not gonna happen!!!)

We have accidents at the intersection just past our house every month or so and I can always hear it from my couch. Yikes!

Susanna Powers said...

What does minky mean?


Julian Slane said...

Silly, hyper, happy...all in one:) Minky is a Slane word for sure.

I especially like the advice on not setting up a lemonade stand behind the house! Hah!