Sunday, July 17, 2016

Go or Gogh?

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Congratulations to my cousin Emily and family! Maisy James Prabhaker was born July 13th! Lucy is now a big sister and Emily and Sumanth will be busier than ever! Did I say busier, I meant more tired:)

Yesterday we drove down to Vancouver WA to celebrate the life of Maren's cousin Doug.
Doug had the best/most genuine smile of like all humans and will be missed.
Ranger is back from the vet and feeling better than he has for some time. At least I think so. I'm not much of a cat whisperer...but I do know that as much as Ranger hated going into his crate, I don't think there is much chance any self respecting cat will venture into the neighbor's cat trap. But he [neighbor] has posted lots of legal stuff about animal poop on the mailboxes.
I helped the local golf course teach over 65 kids the game of golf last week. This is my group helping pick up golf balls from the putting green. Great turnout, and lots of fun!
While I was teaching golf, Preston, Hansen, and Lillie were out at the mall playing their second favorite game. The duck skill crane! Yes, you win a duck every time. You're looking at the very best anything $14.00 can buy on this planet. Just ducky. I'm pretty sure they were also playing their favorite game at the mall as well. Pokemon Go!
Or is is Pokemon Gogh?
Lillie rocking the tennis! She has been going to practice every morning bright and early and is enjoying her second season of tennis. This year she is on the younger side of the brackets as she is now in the 13-14 age group. Go Lillie.
We have local elections and our ballots came in the mail recently. We've always voted for Pat Sullivan, and the second sign is Karen Fraser, one of Carol's long time friends.

See you tomorrow!


Ellen said...

Glad Ranger is feeling better. What is the neighbor going to do if he traps an actual cat? What a horrible person!!!

Susanna Powers said...

Hi Julian, I'm glad you acknowledged little Maisy! We are all so happy about her. love, susanna

Unknown said...

Maisy says, "Thanks for the shout!" And yes, we are so very tired! She is getting lots of sleep though and lots of snuggles. Love, Emily