Sunday, July 31, 2016


Good afternoon, it is Sunday.

Yesterday we caught the ultimate Pokemon! A Flareon! Actually a kitten. You see, yesterday was Meow Fest at the local library. Lillie and Hansen have had this day circled on the calendar for the last month.
The big draw of Meow Fest was the Humane Society's mobile adoption van. We met Flareon in this van and Hansen and Lillie knew that was their kitten right away.
In the adoption van meeting Flareon.
In his crate on the ride home. See, we did catch a Pokemon. Hah. Flareon was this guy's name on the paper outside his crate in the van, a perfect name shall not be changed.
At home playing with a little cat nip toy from Petco's grand re-opening.
Lillie playing with Flareon this morning. This cat is very hyper! Maren had to hold him just so I could tie my shoelaces this morning.
Joe and Ranger are not so sure about their little cat buddy just yet. Can you believe this is the first kitten Lillie has ever had in her life! Yep, Ranger and Joe came home a year before she was born.
No cats here. But goofballs around. I took the littles and their cousins to the school yard the other day during a family gathering at John and Carol's house. This is Preston's kindergarten classroom.
Closer to the age of a teacher than an elementary student, Preston is practicing on Jack. Jack say's he has never been called into the principal's office for getting in trouble. What kind of record is this? I've been trying to teach Jack ways to get called into the principal's office. What else is an Uncle supposed to do? Avery says she has never gotten called either, but Maggie...Maggie is on the left, and she says she is an expert at being called into the principal's office. LOL!
Avery and Maggie goofing around on the big toy at the playground.

Time to go see what Flareon is up to.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Welcome, Flareon! What a cutie!