Sunday, July 31, 2016

Archery, Tennis, Golf, and more?

Good afternoon, it is Sunday.

We've had some sporty fun as of late. Lillie's tennis season has come to an end, Hansen had another national archery tournament, Preston has been soccer golfing and frolfing, and I've been golfing. We shall start with Lillie's tennis, then archery, and maybe some golf too.
 Lillie's team and individual photo! Lillie was voted most versatile. I wasn't at the banquet as I was in Darrington with Hansen, but by the looks of the spelling of Lillie's name, maybe that's it? Lillian is a very versatile name and you can spell it and it's nicknames in many different ways:) Congrats on an great tennis season Lillie!
Preston and I spectated at her last event. This is Lillie getting ready to serve. Lillie has improved quite a bit from last year. Hopefully for the rest of the summer we will get out for some tennis. But as you just read, we do have a new kitten taking up our time:)
Hansen and I spent three and a half days and three nights at the National Archery Field Tournament in Darrington WA. Darrington is about 100 miles away. That means 2 hours away if driving in no traffic. Going through Bellevue or Seattle means more like 3 and a half hours. So we camped. This shot is from a beautiful morning on the range as over 400 archers get ready for the day.
A panoramic shot of the range looks kind of like this.
Hansen got to hang out with one of his best archery friends Braden at the range and after the days. They shot in different divisions.
 The targets wind through the woods over the side of a mountain. Lots of walking and shooting. The woods are truly amazing. Darrington is a great place to hang out.
And hang out I did. I didn't shoot this event. The first I have not shot as I didn't think I'd be competitive, and figured I would walk with Hansen and carry water etc. But in the end Hansen didn't really want me around his group much and I will shoot in all the future events. No worries, I had a great weekend. I'd follow Hansen's group for 4 targets or so, walk into town and collect Pokemon at the local Library as well as read. Then I'd go back to the tent for a nap. Hansen would finish and then we'd hang out the rest of the evening. This is the little corner under the trees we found to camp. Perfect!
Hansen shooting on the first day.
Hansen figured this out. Put his phone flashlight under a full water bottle and lighting up the tent perfectly! Brilliant really!
Hansen won his division YAMBHFS and will be having this huge trophy mailed to our house. He also set some records. Right now he is redoing some of his equipment to get ready to move into the freestyle division in future tournaments if he so chooses.
There are plenty of divisions in Field Archery. From age groups to equipment. This is a photo of all the different cup winners.
I got to watch the shoot off for the top Professional class championships. I did enjoy having the time to follow some professional shooters just a little.
I golfed Chambers Bay for the first time in a few years last week. This photo was taken by the starter on the first tee. Personally I like photos to not cut off the people's legs and such, but it is what it is. I'm on the right, the other guys in this photo are the golf coaches and the Principal of my school. It was fun golfing with these guys for sure.
I do have a pic of Preston to end the blog. This was from twilight golfing with Preston and Hansen a couple weeks ago. This is the last day of July. Groan. I could live in the month of July forever! I love the weather, the world is still green, and the heat is not too bad. August means summer is almost over too. But yeah, we will surely enjoy August as well.

See you tomorrow.

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