Monday, June 13, 2016


Good evening, it is Monday.

As the school year winds down we have been busy with all kinds of things from parades, concerts, graduation parties, homework, test prep, picking up Preston, and more. Here are a few pictures from the last couple of weeks.
Track season ended for Hansen a couple of weeks ago. With 80 participants and the coaches wanting to tell a little something for each athlete, this was a very long banquet. But it was fun to hear the jump coach talk about Hansen. Hansen was well liked as always. He can also be very technical and always wants to improve, so the coach said he would tell Hansen, "Hansen, just run faster and jump farther". Hah! I think Hansen may have turned to youtube for tutorials. 
How about a parade? Lillie's band put on a very nice year end performance playing Beatles songs and other rock songs. Saturday they got to walk in a parade in the rain. Yes, in the last two weeks we have gone from 60 degrees to 98 degrees and back. Lillie's on the right with her trombone.
March, March, March, March. Preston walked this exact parade in his middle school days.
If you want to hear the CHMS Intermediate band play Yesterday by the Beatles, just click play! Biggify to see the wide screen. Yes, Lillie is on the trombone and I tried to focus in on her just a bit.
Preston is home for the summer! Maren and Lillie were happy to wait up late to welcome him home. 
This is a picture of Preston and many of his WWU friends. Many of these friends are exchange students from Japan and will be returning home soon. Preston had a very successful first year of college. He made good friends, did well in classes, and is excited to return next year. Perfect!
He and a few of his friends have already got a house rented for next year. These are Preston's roommates from the second half of this year. Most of these guys will be roommates again next year as well.
Looking through my pics, we have been playing some golf. This was the 90+ day in the middle of the heat playing Hillbilly Golf at Susan and Mick's house for our Larry Memorial Golf Tournament.
A team pic of my friend and golfing partner Mark. We were wearing Husky colors and were able to sneak victories over our WSU friends during a Wednesday league night.
I took these three out for some twilight golf last night. It was way more fun than serious, which is good by me. We were the last group out and fighting daylight by the time we finished. It is fun to have Preston home from college. Lillie has been laughing a ton more and the piano is being heard all around the house. 
For my last picture I took this picture of myself and my old boss and friend Steve Dubsky. I had not seen Steve in person for several years and we ran into each other at the driving range a week ago. Steve has had some health troubles, but it was just really great to hang out with him. The old Steve shone through when helping Hansen with his swing, telling jokes that we've heard a thousand times, and on the putting green as well...Dubber can still putt.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Wow, lots of news! We're glad Preston had a great first year of college. It was nice to see Steve Dubsky again.