Saturday, June 25, 2016


Good morning, it is Saturday.

We have been enjoying our first week of summer vacation around here. Like every day so far it is afternoon and I have not seen anyone under the age of 40 up and around. Heck, if it wasn't for bootcamp fitness class this morning, I would still not have talked to anyone. Maren is in Orlando for a Library conference, but I have said hi via text.

One of the cool experiences Preston had at college was to meet and hang out with a nice group of Japanese exchange students. One of them was able to travel down to our area and spend a few days with us. Hiroki is a very neat kid and seemed to enjoy his time here.
 Like many college kids (and all the kids in this house) Hiroki could sleep in very late. So he was a good fit around here. We took him out to Red Robin for burgers for dinner. Well, it was lunch or breakfast for them, dinner for Maren and I. Hah.
Here is the other side of the table.
Another night it was back yard BBQ and smores in the fire pit. The guys also spent plenty of time checking out malls and watching movies.
Peace out! Preston and another friend drove Hiroki back up to campus a couple of days ago as he has summer school to attend. It was a great visit for sure.
Check out this picture. This Redline BMX bike is one that I bought at a garage sale for Preston when he was proably 8 years old. Preston rode this bike all over, then when he moved up a bike, it was handed down to Hansen and ridden even more. Lillie didn't like the little BMX bikes and went the Mountain Bike route. I've had it hanging in the garage for a couple of years not really wanting to get rid of it, but look who it fits now. Jack! Yup, I pulled it down from the rafters, tuned it up, adjusted it small again, found Hansen's BMX helmet, and voila! Jack is loving the Redline.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

We just drove through Orlando yesterday morning on our way back to Austin. If we'd known Maren was there, we could have waved to her! Nice to see Preston back.

Susanna Powers said...

hi Julian, I liked seeing the photos of Preston back home and with friends. We had a visit from Sally the week before last, did you know Emily will have another baby girl next month? love, susanna & johnny