Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Rollin on the River.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Usually I create my blog post, then figure out a title. Today the title just typed itself. And now I'll be singing this song in my head all day long!

Saturday Lillie had her first middle school bike ride. This may actually have been my 5th middle school bike ride as both Hansen and Preston got to do it too. This ride is a PE requirement, the students could also do a 5K run or a swim, but the bike ride always seems popular. It is not really that easy either. 15 miles on the Cedar River Trail. Luckily the first 7.5 is kind of up hill, and the second is kind of down hill. Back when I was training for the LiveSTRONG 100 mile bike rides, I spent lots of time on this trail.
 I don't know if I've ever done this bike ride not in the rain! Lillie met up with friends to ride with. Yes, the bicycle Lillie is riding is the same GT bicycle I bought for Maren when we were in college.
Lining up for check in. There were about 120 kids on the ride. I thought it went very smoothly and safely as well. There were a few professional looking bikers on the trail that morning that were wishing for less crowds, but I think the trail was the perfect place for the ride.
Finishing up at with a group of friends. This was pretty fun. Lillie said that maybe when Preston is home from college we should all do this ride. Maybe so.
I was looking yesterday on the school's website for an e-mail address when I noticed that in the very first picture in the rotation has Lillie and I getting ready to ride. Lillie is in the very middle while I'm the yellow jacket on the left.

See you tomorrow.

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