Thursday, May 26, 2016


Good morning, it is Thursday.

Check out this picture Hansen sent me:
Yup, it is me. Golfing. Hansen brought his film camera with black and white film out to the golf course a couple of weeks ago rather than his golf clubs. He took plenty of cool pics, but he snapped a photo of this one just after it was developed and sent it my way.
The photography class that Hansen is in teaches them to develop film and every aspect of photography. Here is a shot of the dark room when it is not dark. Hansen and a friend are cleaning up the supplies at the end of the day.
Avery! We attended Avery's dance recital over the weekend. She did a very cute Thriller by Michael Jackson piece as well as one in this tie dye shirt. In the Thriller piece the four girls had a different pose from, this is my recreation after the show. Of course, the Thriller costume was pretty cool too.
Hansen participated in a twelve hour cancer walk with his friends over the weekend as well. They raised money, supported a good friend and a good cause. Maren and I went out to the track for the luminaries and remembrance part.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

That black and white photo is really nice! We were proud to help support the cancer walk. Cute pic of Avery!