Thursday, May 26, 2016


Good morning, it is Thursday.

Check out this picture Hansen sent me:
Yup, it is me. Golfing. Hansen brought his film camera with black and white film out to the golf course a couple of weeks ago rather than his golf clubs. He took plenty of cool pics, but he snapped a photo of this one just after it was developed and sent it my way.
The photography class that Hansen is in teaches them to develop film and every aspect of photography. Here is a shot of the dark room when it is not dark. Hansen and a friend are cleaning up the supplies at the end of the day.
Avery! We attended Avery's dance recital over the weekend. She did a very cute Thriller by Michael Jackson piece as well as one in this tie dye shirt. In the Thriller piece the four girls had a different pose from, this is my recreation after the show. Of course, the Thriller costume was pretty cool too.
Hansen participated in a twelve hour cancer walk with his friends over the weekend as well. They raised money, supported a good friend and a good cause. Maren and I went out to the track for the luminaries and remembrance part.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Rollin on the River.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Usually I create my blog post, then figure out a title. Today the title just typed itself. And now I'll be singing this song in my head all day long!

Saturday Lillie had her first middle school bike ride. This may actually have been my 5th middle school bike ride as both Hansen and Preston got to do it too. This ride is a PE requirement, the students could also do a 5K run or a swim, but the bike ride always seems popular. It is not really that easy either. 15 miles on the Cedar River Trail. Luckily the first 7.5 is kind of up hill, and the second is kind of down hill. Back when I was training for the LiveSTRONG 100 mile bike rides, I spent lots of time on this trail.
 I don't know if I've ever done this bike ride not in the rain! Lillie met up with friends to ride with. Yes, the bicycle Lillie is riding is the same GT bicycle I bought for Maren when we were in college.
Lining up for check in. There were about 120 kids on the ride. I thought it went very smoothly and safely as well. There were a few professional looking bikers on the trail that morning that were wishing for less crowds, but I think the trail was the perfect place for the ride.
Finishing up at with a group of friends. This was pretty fun. Lillie said that maybe when Preston is home from college we should all do this ride. Maybe so.
I was looking yesterday on the school's website for an e-mail address when I noticed that in the very first picture in the rotation has Lillie and I getting ready to ride. Lillie is in the very middle while I'm the yellow jacket on the left.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Redding Trail Shoot/ NFAA Championships 2016.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Hansen and I just got back from an extended weekend trip to the Western Classic Trail Shoot in Redding CA. It was also the NFAA Marked 3D National Championships. The weather was not the usual weather, but the result was just fine. Hansen is your YAMBHFS National Champion! Way to shoot Hansen! Now for some pics:
There were over 1500 shooters this year. The weather forecast may have frightened a few away, it almost did me. I considered trading my bow for a umbrella, but I didn't.
It flat poured rain for the last couple of hours of day one. My umbrella and rain jacket were a mile away in the car. I've learned that it is very hard to forecast weather in Redding.
How about a selfie with the archery god on target 10? Absolutely!
Hansen and Braden have been friends for a long time and we had a great time shooting with him. Braden finished 2nd in the YAMFS division which was very impressive indeed! If you look at the two bows in the picture, you can see the difference in divisions. Hansen has short stabilizers, no lens, and a max 5 pin sight that don't adjust for yardage. Braden's bow can have anything from long stabilizers, lenses in the sight and peep, and a sight that has unlimited movement for yardages. While Hansen loves shooting freestyle, the targets in Redding are nearly impossible for him to see (colorblind probs) and a lens, while magnifying the targets for the normal visioned, make them all but disappear for Hansen. But Hansen is good with math and gaps and all archery, so the BHFS class suits him well.
Usually there are 20 arrows in each target by the time shooters are done, I took a pic of this after the others were pulled as it is like the best results of my life! Both arrows perfect, in fact the one on the right has a broken nock from the other arrow hitting it. The last I'll say on colorblindness is that those who are [colorblind] can't tell that there is even an orange dot on this animal. What shows up plain as day for many, is invisible to Hansen. His results are even more impressive knowing that.
64 yard bear! Most folks aimed at the two others to the right of the photo.
If you're curious, the pic above is a map and the targets along with marked distances. We shot 25 targets the first and second day, and 20 the last day. We started on target 26 this year and shot with a great group.
I enjoy the big signs by the manufactures. Of course they are also backstops for errant arrows. Rumor has it that an archer was saved by the cellphone in his pocket from an errant arrow this shoot.
Shorter yardages have smaller targets.
If you made it this far into this blog post, you've made it to my favorite series of photos. OK, so I'm taking this picture of Braden and Hansen and I turn to the left and who is on the adjacent target?
Jesse Broadwater! Yup, arguably the best in the sport is just yards away. How cool is that! Very cool for a fan like myself. Truth be told, I considered not shooting just so I could follow Jesse and the greats around the course as a spectator.
A couple hours later and we are now on the same exact target that Jesse Broadwater was on in the above photo. See my bow at Braden's feet, yeah we were all fighting for spot that Jesse shot from. Kind of. It was very fun.
How about a photo of all the people from Washington State who showed up for the picture! Hansen and I are kind of in the middle/right.
Hansen with his champion's plaque. He will also receive a belt buckle from the NFAA for his national title. Way to go kiddo!

Of course, while we were gone Mothers Day was celebrated. Happy Mothers Day to my mom, Maren, Carol, Mel, Amber and all the other moms out there!

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, May 01, 2016


Good morning, it is Sunday.

Friday night Maren and I took advantage of free tickets given to my high school to attend horse racing at Emerald Downs. Honestly, I've never been to Emerald Downs, so I was kind of excited to check it out. First impressions, the place is huge! The general parking must have been half a mile from the ticket gates.
The weather was nice so we just wandered to the first place we saw to sit. This is on the ground floor in front of the finish line. There are a couple different levels to hang out, and the upper floor is enclosed for those rainy days.
I started with a couple of long shot horses to show. I chose them just because I liked the names and they were long shots. Well, like many long shots, neither of these horses showed and there was a quick $7.00 down the shoot. I was a little worried when JUST RUN AWAY tried to do just that when loading into the starting gate. I personally thought the jockey was pretty darn brave to get back on that horse after its defiance.
For race 4 I decided to just choose the favorite to win. And another great name for a race horse.
I even wandered over to the show circle (or whatever its called) where the horses walk around and you can see them. The jockey on this horse was definitely a crowd favorite too.
As the horses wander to the far side of the track to their starting gate, you can see Mount Rainier in the distance.
 And they're off! CANTCATCHME (all the names were all caps?) is of to an early lead. CANTCATCHME is rounding the corner. CANTCATCHME wins the race!
I even wandered over to the winner's circle to see the family and friends greet the winning horse! And thanks to betting on the favorite, I recouped my earlier lost monies and Maren and I went home as nearly breakeveners! Wohoo!

See you tomorrow.